Sunday, October 20, 2013

Perplexing Pumpkin Parts Parade

Good Day To You All!
Seems Fall has finally come to Georgia - upper 30's, lower 40's last night. Quite brisk today. Feels Great!

Baby and Momma are doing fantastic! The rest of the crew are doing great as well. I may have to start a section just for my grand children. My daughter is now saying 'my second child' who knows I may have a sixth before I know it. :)
Kennedy and her Pappy

the promised Owl Project picture

If you recall from the last post, I was in the process of molding a pumpkin for Ichabod's head. Well, I should have known things were going entirely too smoothly. The second half of the mold broke while I was removing it from the pumpkin. Couple of big pieces and of course lots of small ones. Now I have to fix it so that it can be used. Or start again. Not 100% sure which one at the moment...
front half and (broken) back half

all the little pieces
Humpty Dumpty syndrome

I put together a 'finger' mold as well this past week. Just a simple mold to use as a base for sculpting finger extensions. It came out really rough, plaster turns hard really fast! For a minute I thought I wasn't going to be able to get my hands out without cracking it! Then I used my neoprene (a bit more than normal) to make a casting and let it dry. It is quite rigid now and should work perfectly for this project.
right after the neoprene was poured

while it was drying
really rough cast but you can still
see some of the details

This past Wednesday, I was invited to go to the Chamber of Horrors! Had a blast! I went with Chester, Jan and Karen. Hadn't seen Karen since last DragonCon (over a year ago - hard to believe). We had dinner first at The Vortex in Atlanta. I had the Yokohama Mama burger. It was so good! It had a teriyaki glaze, jack cheese and a pineapple! Very, very messy though. I thought I was going to wear it a couple of times. From there we went to the Chamber. Lousy parking but the atmosphere was great! While we were waiting I got to see Travis, whom I hadn't seen in almost two years! He was helping to put the whole haunt together! There were all kinds of props that spit and sprayed. We left much wetter than we arrived. It's ok though, Chester and Karen were brave and shielded us with their bodies. :)
some of the characters at
the Chamber of Horrors

our photo
Jan, Me, Chester and Karen
and the helpless charred remains 
of some poor girl

and Travis, of course!
check out his Circus Envy shirt -
relevance will be reveled momentarily

On Saturday, my daughter, her friend and I went to the Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade. Lots and lots of people. Last years estimates were 35000. All in a 5 block area. We got there just in time for the parade to start. And then we wandered around for a bit, checking out the people and shops. Had a great time! I won't post all the photos I took, but here's a few...
official L5P Halloween Parade Logo
*did you notice? the 13th!!*

Desiree and Jenifer all ready for the parade
start of the parade - hence the big sign :)

tall skeleton dancers

box characters - these guys were in the DragonCon
parade too!

even Godzilla made an appearance

and what parade would be complete without...


Jenifer meets Bowie's Labyrinth Character

Jenifer and Circus Envy
*remember the shirt?*
love the lunch pail!

colorful characters

this little dog was so cute
he sat down and posed for his picture

Seems like lots of pictures this post. :)  Hope you liked the parade! I think that's all for now. 
Till next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!


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