Sunday, September 15, 2013

Parade Of Masked Babies!

Good Day Everyone!
Hope you've had a fantastic week.
It's been an extremely busy one for me. Happy as a pig in a pile of....pooh! LOL

Let's start with the Great News...
I am a grandpa...again. Yes, my daughter had her baby! This is her first child, my fifth grandchild.
My daughter, Jenifer, was very strong and had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Kennedy Laine. She was 8 lbs 7 oz and was 21 inches long. She was born on Tuesday September 10 2013 just after 10 pm.
She and my daughter are both doing great! The hospital attempted to induce her, that lasted less than 5 minutes. My daughter and Kennedy both had a reaction to the pioixn (sp?). They took her off of it and Jenifer did the rest by herself. Less than 12 hours later we had a BABY!! I still can't believe that my baby has a baby now. Man, kids sure know how to make you feel old! :)

Introducing Kennedy Laine....
her first picture

holding my newest grandchild

my daughter, the day after walking
Kennedy to the nursery

Auntie Amanda awaiting Kennedy's arrival

enjoying her new swing

wrapped up like a burrito  :)

I have finished my painting this past week as well. It is titled 'Regent'. It is the first painting I have created with Corel Painter 12. The new version has some new options that I am still playing with but promises to be fantastic. I figure by the time I get them down they will have come out with at least two more versions. Regent is a digital oil, 11 x 14 inches.
I have also finished the label for my newest batch of mead. I am quite please with the Gypsy mead label. The mead itself will be bottled next week and then it will have six months or so before I let anyone taste it. I've had a few sips as I've been fermenting it and so far it is the best one. I think the next batch will use apple cider (fresh, of course) instead of spring water. It promises to be great!

11 x 14 Digital Oil

Gypsy Mead Label

I have also finished the masks for my Etsy Shop and they have been posted for sale. If you haven't taken a look yet I encourage you to do so! *how was that for subtle?* LOL! I have also posted some ACEO's and reposted a couple of other items. You can see them all in my shop. Here's a couple of peeks at what's there...

Bloody 'Ell
Neoprene Mask available in my Etsy Shop

Red Headed Devil
ACEO available in my Etsy Shop

I have also been creating a piece for my grand daughter (at my daughters insistence, haha). Here are a couple of in process shots. I will post another later when it is complete and lit up properly.  

all the pieces in one place..

one little part of the whole..
have you guessed what it is yet?

I have been talking to Stephen as well. He is my daughter's fiance's brother. Does that make him my son-in-law? Not sure about that one. He is quickly becoming a part of our lives. He is a 'plant person' and has traveled around planting and cultivating large scale gardens. He has done 'permaculture' set ups, which I'm really interested in. He has promised to come to my house and help me set up some in my yard (since I can't seem to get much to grow, including grass). I'm really looking forward to working on this. I would like to plant some fruit trees and vegetables and various other plants. He is going to show me how to set this up so that they basically take care of themselves. Won't that be a plus!! I will let you know how this progresses in the future. I already have a few ideas of what I want to do in the backyard. I would like to set up an arched doorway with lots of tall grasses and flowers. We will see if this is doable. Stephen has also mentioned that he has over 100 varieties of plant seeds for me to look at. YAY! Can't wait.

I attended my niece's parade on Saturday too. She is in the band and did a wonderful job! It was the Temple parade. Just a small parade through town. Lots of people showed up to cheer them on. I was glad I got the chance to see her decked out in her full uniform. Thank goodness it wasn't miserable hot!

Ariel at the Temple Parade
full uniform making me feel hot!

one of the classic cars from the parade

bringing up the end of the parade

I think it was last month that I came across a picture of some Halloween Tennis Shoes that I really liked. I am going to attempt to make a pair of my own. They are painted canvas shoes. Then I can wear them all throughout October! That should make everyone certain that I am completely insane. :) LOL!!

inspiration for making my own
I think I'm going to use low tops for mine though

I've been watching Face Off and Heros of Cosplay too. But I think I will save that for another post. I have been recording them so I am behind a couple of weeks on both shows. 

Did I tell you that I relocated? Rustic little shack at the bottom of a dead end street....

Ha Ha! just kidding
although this could be promising  :P

I came across this sign at JoAnn Fabrics recently too. It made me giggle. I'm sure the women that were in the isle with me probably thought I was having an episode.....

made me laugh! 
i know...really bad picture
had to be quick. some places get
really weird about you taking pictures of products

And one last one...

I'm sure it will be here in a flash...
and then it will be 'It's over already?' LOL

Well, I think that's all for now. I'm sure as soon as I log off that I will remember something that I was going to tell you. It always seems to happen that way. Have a great week! Go check out my Etsy store and if you're feeling really rambunctious buy something. :)

Til next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

times a tickin'!!