Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good Sunday to you all!

Hope everything has been going well for you.

Just wanted to drop by with an update...

PHASE TWO is coming along nicely.
Got a beautiful (albeit chilly) day for some photographs.
And now for a little tease (not of the strip kind) -

Stay tuned....
March 5 is coming soon!

until then, Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

In Through The Out Door

G'day All!
Hope everyone has been doing well since our last chat....

Yes, I know, it's been an eternity since my voice was heard.

Life kinda got turned upside down and it took a bit to get myself pointed in the right direction again.

Let me see if I can summarize without writing a small novel.

You may recall that in mid 2015 I  went through a divorce. At the time it wasn't a major disaster. Well, low and behold, it took more out of me then I thought. Sally didn't move out right away, it was later in 2015. I guess it was her absence that finally made it official. It wasn't a great big BOOM. It was more like a pinhole in your tire.
Well, my boat finally surfaced right side up.
We keep in touch, once a week or so. She seems to be happy and that was all I ever wanted for her.

That took up the better part of a year...
Yep, I'm slow.

I was still creating during that period. Just not as much as normal. Nothing to speak of really. Just minor things when the urge was too much to ignore. Don't ask I am writing this, I can't bring anything to mind. Wow, how sad is that? Hhhhmmm.

Ok, fast forward to mid 2016...
July/August my thoughts turned to Halloween - hard to believe, right?
Well, even that fizzled out. I did not decorate for Halloween.
However, I did attend an outing for Samhain at Dragon Hills Retreat. Made some new friends. It was my first time going to a gathering. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive. But ultimately I enjoyed myself and was glad for the chance to meet people with a similar bent.
I have always had an 'outside' view of things. My parents had their beliefs but they were never drilled into my head. If I had questions they were always there to answer them or suggest things I may not have thought about. But I was always encouraged to make up my own mind.
I also realized at a fairly early age that things happened for a reason. It may not always be the outcome I wanted but it was almost always for the best. I've also been drawn to nature, to the Earth. To see past 'life' and examine the underlying flow of things. I also realized many (many, many) years ago that people are connected to one another whether it's noticed or not. The incident that made this crystal clear was when I had a friend attacked and robbed in downtown Denver. I was at home at suddenly got this feeling of dread that literally made me vomit. Five minutes later the phone rang for me to come a pick them up. I've also had 'feelings' of not wanting to take a certain way home to find out later that something happened at that very spot. So during my late teens, early 20's I learned to listen to that little voice whispering in my ear. Then the inevitable happened....I grew up and let the voice fade. Stupid? Yes sir.
Well, fortunately, that little voice never gave up on me. Early in 2016 I started hearing it again. "Take this road today". Finding out afterwards there was an accident.
What has this got to do with anything, you ask?
It made me start questioning things again. Which is something we should never stop doing.

Long story short (I'm really trying not to write a book)...
I've always had paganistic views of the world. I've always been 'different', always. Well, mid 2016 I finally put a name to it. WITCH.
Yes, I am a witch. There, I said it. No turning back now.
I am a solitary. Due to several reasons. One, as I was taught when I was young - I will make up my own mind. Two, there aren't many groups in the area I live in.
Shocked yet? I hope not. And I'm certain that any of you that have read my posts with any regularity, this comes as no surprise.

Skip forward to 2017 - New Years day...I made the decision that 2017 would be my year. Period. No more doubts (easier said than done), no more procrastinating.
I worked out a plan for my artwork - I was going to relaunch myself. With a focus on what I was truly interested in. So, Phase One was launched  - my T-shirts and Talismans/Window Charms are now in my Etsy shop. Phase Two will consist of more goodies (don't want to spoil the surprise). It will launch on March 5 - my Dad's Birthday. And Phase Three will launch on April 13 - my Mom's Birthday. So mark your calendars! Now that I've said that, it's doesn't seem possible that my parents have been gone for so long. I miss them both an awful lot.

With Phase One I sponsored at Mid West Witches Ball. You can check them out and see my ad here. You can check out my Etsy shop here or use the link on the right hand side of this blog.

I know I had posted a couple of weeks ago that I was going to post soon...
Sorry for the delay - but my Grandmother passed away on February 6. So everything that was in my head to write kinda got pushed to the back.

I'm going to leave things at this for now...
I am going to do my very best to write once a week. So I hope you will all tune in for the ramblings of an old man (relatively speaking).

Until next time...Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!
And yes, the totally un-photogenic model in my Etsy shop is me. :)