Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Time Has Come......


Ghosts and Ghoulies and Goblins delight,
The time has come ~ it's Halloween night!
Witches and Zombies and Mummies too
All wait their turn to say BOO to you!
When the curtain of darkness falls,
The creepies and spookies can't wait to crawl
For the magic lies waiting unforeseen,
To one and all ~ Happy Halloween!

May today bring you bountiful blessings,
sweet memories of loved ones
and laughter to warm you through the coming winter.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Electric Knees Burning Bright!

Good Morning Everyone.
Well, here it is Sunday Morning again. Doesn't seem possible that another week has flown by. Getting closer and closer to HALLOWEEN! Can't wait to put up the remainder of the decorations, start a fire, get the cider good and hot and see all the kids! I love to see the looks of amazement on their faces. :)

What a week this has been....
Work Stupidity running rampant. I did manage to get some older projects off my desk - only to be replaced by the multitude of other projects. Our digital phones went out (again). Same problem as the last three times. I think the digital phones are going to be replaced with IP phones. Hopefully that will keep the problem from happening again.
My daughter fell, while running, and cracked both her knees. WOW! She bruised the hell out of them. They were black and blue - and green and that awful baby puke yellow. It was just terrible! She woke up the following day(s) and had a hard time moving them due to the stiffness and pain. She seems to be healing now...but wow, just thinking about it makes my knees hurt!
My son had problems with his electric company this past week too. They shifted their billing cycle and screwed him all up. They basically cut two weeks and he didn't realize it until they threatened to disconnect his service. But everything is situated now. :)
My neighbors are off to Pittsburgh to help Amy's Mom (her Dad recently passed away - I feel for her!) pack and take care of the mountain of paperwork. Her Mom is coming back here with them. So we'll have a new neighbor. :) What does all this mean? I've been puppy sitting! Rocky, Cotton, Newton and Min (and the bird). They've been really good - they usually are. :)  In the midst of all the packing and moving, Barry sent me a couple of photos....Halloween decorations! Think my neighbors know how obsessed I am with Halloween? LOL!!

Downtown Pittsburgh - photo by Barry

and of course HALLOWEEN! - photo by Barry

Ok, let's shift gears....
This past week my Giveaway Package made it all the way to Tennessee and to the door of Summer! She said she loved it! I'm so glad she liked it. Makes me happy when I can make some one smile! :) She posted about it on her blog and added some pics! You can read her post here.

the runner in use! *love the pumpkin!* - photo by Summer

and it's handmade packaging - photo by Summer

Did anyone see this post this past week? It's about pumpkin carving. It features Ray Villafane (of course). He has some really amazing work. Can't believe some of the time he puts into these. WOW! There are other pumpkin artist in the article too (not even close to the same level though). You should take a look if you get the chance. :) Here's a teaser.....

Ray Villafane pumpkin - MSN article

Esmarelda was chosen to be in an ETSY Treasury! I'm so excited!! YYYAAAAYYY! I was shocked and thrilled all at once. :) You can go see the Treasury listing here. You can see Amy Fine's Etsy shop here. THANKS Amy!! You made my day!!

Esmarelda - in all her glory!

On Monday, October 22nd, The Engineer Guy is having another demonstration. It's going to be Face Casting. I am hoping to go! So much can change in a week - so I have my fingers crossed. There will be pictures if I can swing it!

This past week I also came across a photo that has really given me some ideas....yes, I know, another project! HA! I can't help it - just looking at this thing makes me want to do something. You may have seen the article. They finally figured out what it was! You can read about it here.

so much inspiration!

Last night I had a fire. No, not burning down the house or anything like that....just a nice 'campfire'. I started it around 7:30 thinking my wife would be home from work and my daughter (on her way to a Halloween Party) would be there. Well, around 8:30 my wife called to say she was waiting for my daughter who was broke down on the side of the road. Yes, it's ALWAYS something. They didn't get back to the house until after nine. So none of them got to enjoy the fire. :(  The party was at my daughter's boyfriend's moms (say that three times fast). So they ran in, changed, did some makeup and ran out. My wife took them over to Perry's moms. It was a blur - I got to see my youngest for about 60 seconds. They looked good though. Zombies!

campfire getting started

Perry and Jenifer - I took this one before
they ran out the door!

and of course Sally just had to out do me! LOL
zombies on the loose!!
"hey, stay away from my decorations!"

campfire winding down - really, really HOT!!

Well, Boils and Ghouls (wink, wink), I think that's all for this post!
Have a great week and I'll see you soon!
Until then...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Oh Wait!! We have another new Friend!
go check them and out and say HI!!!

only 16 days. spooky, spooky, spooky!!!  :)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Spider Webs in the Mail!

Good Evening All!
Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend!
Been kind of hectic here...but good!

Well, as you know (or may not yet) the winner of the Table runner was Summer at Dreamspirations Gallery. The table runner was all wrapped up (gave it a few squirts of Fabreze Pumpkin Harvest-so it would smell all Halloween-y), packed and mailed out. Summer should have it some time Tuesday or Wednesday! YAY! So, I will hopefully have a picture soon from the happy winner!

I finally managed to get my lights up this past Saturday - there for a while I thought I was going to have to postpone it again. It got really dark and windy for a while, thought we were going to have rain. Fortunately, it spit a little bit and then blew over. Phew!! I was getting myself all worked up! They look good though! I had to tie down my devil ghost. The wind had him all twisted around and stuck in the trees. But he just flaps around now. My skeleton got his (her?) orange hair and I leveled out the coffin so hopefully it won't tip over again. I got everything done, my wife came home and said 'is that all you're putting out?'. I didn't notice it at the time but since I put things in the side yard this year it doesn't seem like it's as much. Normally everything is in front of the porch and because of the layout and space it just seems like more. But it's not! I have an excuse to get MORE!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks honey, appreciate you pointing that out. :)
I took a couple of pics when it first got dark so you can see the lights. I will take more later on. Probably when I set up the table and other decorations. That's when you'll be able to see the panels. I usually put that stuff out on Halloween day. So if you were waiting to see the panels you'll have to wait a little longer. :)  I still want to do a fog chiller. I have a little bit of time so it may happen. :) 

after i got the lights set up (you can see the spotlights)

just as it was getting dark the timer kicked on - the hay
bale right in the middle is where my jack-o-lanterns will go

the front of the house- the lower right side is where
i normally put up the decorations but this year they are
in the side yard - to the left of the above pic

last spring/summer my wife and daughter
had gone garage sale-ing. My wife found
me some Halloween stuff - this is one of
them. it's a removable skeleton.
Pixie didn't care, she heard the neighbor's
dogs barking. LOL!

I also got a set of tree limbs and crows...
this is the left side of my large arched window...

and this is the right side. they look so good there
i may just leave them up. they go really well with
my green 'jungle' walls. don't you think?

My wife has been on Pintrest and has found all kinds of neat little things for Halloween. Cool ideas and lots of food. I've gotten on it once or twice but have found that I just don't have the patience (right now) to wade my way through things. Maybe after Halloween is over I will try again. I saw on MSN the other day an article about / from Disney Parks. Some pretty cool ideas! They used fake pumpkins and lite brites (feel old now?) to decorate them. Here's the link if you want to look. The candy corn cones were neat too!! Then while I was looking for something else (story of my life) I came across a really awesome (did anyone else just hear Lionel Richie's voice?) tutorial on making a spider web. Check it out, it's worth the time....maybe next year. :) I like the music too!
I came across a picture that I really liked too. It's a pumpkin man but I have no idea what movie he came from. Does anyone (Miss B??) know what movie he's from? I would really love to make this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

any idea who this is??

Well, I do believe that's all for now. I hope your upcoming week is a great one!
til next time....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Not Long Now!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

And the Winner of the Fabulous, Magnificent, Spellbinding Table Runner is......

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Children of all ages...
Welcome to my private little circus!!

Ok, before we begin...let's put this in perspective. :)
It has been raining for two days. Which translates to - I haven't been able to finish my decorating!!Aaarrrgggghhhhh! I came home today to discover that the wind had toppled over my coffin and slammed my skeley into the wet, soggy, muddy earth. Not a happy camper!
Then my pc decided it should creep along and respond when it was damn good and ready. The internet has been a total joke! Another piece of equipment that works when it feels like it. And now....the space bar doesn't want to 'space'. :)
BUT....I refuse to let this bother me!
The day of the drawing is upon us and I'm gonna be happy, even if it kills me! LOL!!!

I feel better now. Thanks for listening.....
Now to get on with what it is you came for today - The Drawing (dramatic deep voice intro)!

I placed all the names into a hat small container and shook them up. I then turned to face the wall (can you feel the suspense?) and reached behind me to draw the name (yes, I was home all alone)....

The Drawing Participants!
that's pretty good odds though - one in three.
did i mention that my pen stopped working too? -_-

in the bowl and violently mixed  :)


*I just realized that while I was fighting to get my ink
pen to work that I misspelled the site....sigh!*

Congratulations Summer!
from Dreamspirations Gallery 
Send me an email with your postal address and I will get your
Table Runner with it's own Custom Box mailed out ASAP!
You can send it to:  r_l_anger_jr (at) hotmail (dot) com
Everyone be sure to congratulate Summer on her win. :)

I would like to thank everyone that participated and all of you who stopped by to look - there was a lot of people who checked out the giveaway page.
I have made a few new friends, so the whole thing was well worth it! 

That's all for today! Congrats again Summer!
Hopefully things will dry up a little bit and I can finish putting up my decorations and lights.
When that happens I will post some more pics!
Til then....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!