Sunday, May 31, 2015

Falling Lilies!

Good Day All!
Hope everyone has had a productive week. I see some of my friends have been really busy this past week making some amazing pieces! JEALOUS!!

Just a short update...not a great amount of work done on "Fallen". I did manage to get the highlights on the clouds, which makes a big difference in their appearance. I have as of yet to start on the skin - I am trying to single out the color scheme I want to use. I have far to many ideas running through my head at the moment. Hopefully in the next day or so I can begin to work in the shadows of the skin and go from there. Wish me luck!!
really hard to see the cloud detail...
I will have to take this outside to get 
a better shot

a close up...

Saturday I noticed a bright spot of yellow in my garden where my roses are. Wasn't sure what it was. When I went to look, I discovered a yellow lily. Which is really odd, since I don't remember putting any lilies in this spot. It is exactly where my daughter and I saw a plant growing last weekend that neither one of us recognized. I will say that it is very attractive. It also has a few more blooms coming up as well. :)
wow...fuzzy shot :(
this is behind my roses

That's all for today - short post, but at least I'm keeping my weekly schedule! Hurray!!

Have a great week!
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wet Memorial Paint

Good Day All!
And that you are remembering all those people who got us to where we are now.
Thanks Dad, I miss you terribly! And I appreciate all that you did.

"Fallen" is shaping up nicely. Finally put the brush to the canvas. It was a little daunting but that went wayward after the first few strokes. Thank goodness!! I began laying in the clouds - they have to dry somewhat before I can continue. So, I started the wings while I was waiting. About half way through the wings I realized why it's been so long since I've used oils - I am not a patient person! I have managed to put my fingers in wet paint several times. :) For the clouds I used mostly Titanium White with just a touch of Phthalo Blue. The wings were a mixture of Titanium White, Phthalo Blue and a bit of Permanent Alizarin Crimson in various mixtures.
Anyway... on to the progress photos.

laying in the basic shape of the clouds -
spread thin to allow some of the background
to come through

close up - really thin

start of the wings

further along with the wings

Continued working the clouds. Used Titanium White and a tiny bit of Cadmium Orange Hue. Brushing the color on and feathering it out to create the whispy edges...

second layer - feathered out

more paint - feathered, leaving highlights
and background showing to create 
the depth

That's all for now...have a fantastic week!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

...And Now For A Different Perspective

Good Day All!
Did you have a productive week?
Me? Not as much as I would have liked. But I did manage to get some things accomplished.

The work on the oil painting continues...
I have all my oil paints collected and ready to go now - I had to pick up a few that I didn't have on hand. And I have had a HUGE block in my brain! It's been so long since I've used oils that I'm a little anxious and hesitant to get started. I know once I begin it will be fine. It's just that first stroke of paint against the canvas that is holding me back.
As I was contemplating the color palette, I realized that I did not like the blue for the background. So I went back in and changed it. Much happier now! I used various combinations of Brilliant Ultramarine, Morning Blue and Crimson.
And the title has come to mind - Either 'Falling' or 'Earthbound'. What do you think??

the new background - much better!
and the true orientation of the painting.

Short post this week. More to come!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

On Wings Of White and Skies Of Blue...

Good Day All!
Doesn't seem possible that another week has slipped by.
Hope yours was a good one! Mine was good, busy but good.

I began the 'Angel' (just a working title) painting - among a few false starts...
light bulbs blowing out, printer not working and a whole lot of "I'm not 100% sure of those colors".
Well, all of those obstacles have been hurdled. YAY! And I actually put brush - and pencil and sealant - to canvas.
I opted to use acrylic for the base color. One, it dries faster and Two, it will give me a tone to work off of. So on to the beginning...

penciled sketch - layout in place
the canvas is 24 x 30 horizontal on heavy gallery wrap

colored wash

close up of the color -
comprised of Chromium Oxide Green,
Morning Blue and a touch of
Metallic Aquamarine -
watered down heavily

AND... I think I have finally figured out how to stay on top of my postings (at least it sounds good in my head). I am going to write them as I work, instead of trying to do them all in one sitting. Hopefully if I break it down into 10-15 minute intervals instead of a 2-3 hour ordeal, I can get my weekly posting completed and not feel bad for missing a posting. Wish me luck!

For my oldest grand daughters birthday we went to Noah's Ark. It's an animal rescue sanctuary. It was a very sunny, warm day. The trip from the house was about an hour and a half. Of course when you throw in the road construction and the fools who can't drive, it was much closer to two hours. We stopped for lunch on the way at the "Dwarf House". It's a Chik-fil-A. Not sure of the story behind the name. I know there was photos on the walls of the original Dwarf House. Something I will have to look up. They have field parking at Noah's Ark. And there were many more people there than I thought there would be. We saw tigers, lions, bears, cougars, wolves, baboons, monkeys, a variety of birds and emus (emis?). And a big black pig! 

Kennedy and Shaylor 
at the Dwarf House

Kennedy and Shaylor in one of the
concrete shelters - of course Shaylor
spotted a huge bug, the size of her hand!

one of the tigers

and one of the bears

some of the emus and the big black pig - 
sprawled in the mud - this animal was HUGE

and the girls looking at everything.
I'm not certain who was leading who :)

I think that will be all for this weeks post. Still diligently working on the painting - more photos to come. I hope your upcoming week is great!

til next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!


Sunday, May 03, 2015

Throwing Stones At Gypsy Flamingos

Good Morning All!
Hope everything has been well since last we spoke....
Things on my end have been...unpredictable.
There is a change coming in the wind but that I will leave for another time.

The gift date has past, so as promised, I can show you what I've been concocting.
And speaking of - YAY for me! I stayed focused on the projects and got them completed!!

Project number one:
I used 5 x 7 wood blanks and 'Folk Art Chalk' paint. The colors used were Imperial (red), Cascade (blue), Rich Black, Sheepskin (off white) and Antiquing Wax. Got all of these materials at JoAnn Fabrics. Dangerous place for me to go! LOL!

I began with the base coat - solid colors

I then rotated the colors, added another coat (2 coats) and sanded to let
the base coat show through. I then rotated the colors again and added
the lettering.

added some swirls and the Sheepskin

sanded the lettering and added some metallic paint

waxed and polished

added eyelets and twine
Finished Project

Project number two:
I started this project by using the chalk paint (from above) and prepped the canvas. Then I saw a technique that really caught my attention and I started again.

this was the start that I didn't end up using

started with a sketch

I then used Dap Drywall Spackle to
add texture to the bird and various 
textures around the edges

starts pink - turns white when dry

almost dry

2 coats of gesso, a base coat of  pink and some 'Deep Violet' that was a thin wash
and then wiped with a cloth

I then used 'Halo Blue-Gold' around the outside textures to bring them out.
This color has a gold shimmer that catches the light (hard to see in photos)

then it was onto the bird - white wash with cloth wipe. I added color to the beak
and darkened the back (tail) of the bird

I then began adding red to the edges
of the feathers...
and for some reason didn't take photos,
but I used white and painted into the red
to transition into a pink.
I then dry-brushed white over the feathers
to create highlights and make the textures
pop out

I used yellow embossing powder for
the eye -
this is the last picture I took,
after this point I tweaked the colors,
adding more of the Halo Blue-Gold
and white as needed.
I can't believe I forgot a Finished Photo
Both items were joyfully received and hung immediately. 

Ok, short break...more coffee and clothes to the dryer. Be Right Back!

I'm back - did you miss me?  :)

I'm sure that most of you noticed that I was absent for a time - just a lack of creative juices. During that period I decided to make a Stone Box. I made a trip to The Dragon and Phoenix shop. Where I spent a good hour 'feeling' for stones. I don't ever go looking for stones with a preset in mind. I just pick them out and let them guide me. Well, after I got home, I looked up the stones and low and behold...all four of the stones I chose were related to focus and clarity. Imagine that!?! So, I set to making the box...

 I began with a blank box. Coat of blue on the 
outside and off white on the inside

Then a second coat of black on the outside and
sanded to allow the blue to come through
(and yes, this is the chalk paint from the 
previous project but this was done before
that one)

I cut and added scrap book paper to the top inside
panel and velvet paper to the bottom.
the haze on the top panel is from the Mod Podge
coat not being dry yet

designs to the outside of the box

there is a feather and crystal glitter.

the Finished Box with stones and
feathers. The feathers were added
to give my focus flight.
Corny right? Wrong!
The box has served it's purpose and
things have progressively come back
into focus and I am creating again!

Well, hopefully I haven't bored you to sleep. But I think that's all for this post. I am off to work on the Angel painting. I have finished the preliminary layout and now it's time to get it to the canvas. I intend to use oils for this project. I haven't used oils in years so we will have to wait and see if my hands can remember how to control them. Wish me luck!

til next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!