Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Harley's lookin' for a home!

Hi Everybody!
Hope you're week is starting out great!
It's been really crazy around here. Dealing with family problems has had me preoccupied......hence the no recent posts.
HOWEVER, I have managed to get an Etsy shop opened and Harley is now listed! YAY!
Go take a look and let me know what you think!
Forrest is next, that's making the assumption that the world doesn't crumble around my ears again like it has the past couple of weeks.

Just wanted to post a short one so that nobody thinks I've died and am ignoring them. Hopefully things will improve shortly and get back to a semi-normal flow. My daughter (and me) can use all the good vibes / prayers you can muster. That would be a great help and comfort.

anyway, that's all for now. I promise I will post more shortly so you all can see what's been going on (or not going on, as the case is now).

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!



  1. Nnnyyyyiinng...nnyyyyiiiinnnnng (Thats the sound of good vibes heading your way!)

  2. Thanks Susie!
    I was wondering what that noise was that I heard! :)