Thursday, July 19, 2012

21-derful Years!

Good Thursday Evening All!
Hope your week has been GREAT!

Where to start..where to start....hhhhmmmmmmmm.

Oh hell, let's start with today....I have been married for 21 years today! Doesn't seem possible but there it is. I've known my wife for....ever! LOL! it's been 30+ years that we've been friends. Here's to another 30+!  :) Love ya hun!!

Tuesday my daughter came home from Baltimore. It's nice to see her smiling face! You never know how much you miss someone until you see them again. I'm glad she's home where I can hug her when I want to! She's going crazy though. She was in a city where she could walk pretty much she's back home and can't really do that. And much to my surprise there were no horror stories to report from the airport. Thank Goodness! I even drove all the way to the airport this time. Usually I stop at the park and ride and let them deal with the crazy airport traffic. But I got in and out without any issue! Hurray!!

Tonight (yes, I know, I'm all over the place), my daughter made dinner for my wife and I. She made turkey parmesan over egg noodles. And a lemon meringue pie. Everything was terrific! Plus it was nice not having to cook!! Thanks sweatpea!

Sally has been doing well. She goes back to the doctor next Thursday to have the stitches removed. So she has another week of not being able to use her foot. She has been really bored, but seems to healing ok. I think after the stitches come out it will be hurting again. She'll have to get use to putting weight on that foot again. She gonna have some lovely scares though.......
one on top and one on bottom. the bottom one goes
half way under her foot. blah-yuk

I took her out last weekend. We went to The Mill to see a singer. We sat on the wall and she put her foot up like she's supposed to be doing. It was a really good show. It was Bartlee Norton. He's a country singer. It was the best show so far at The Mill. We had a great time and Sally got to get out of the house for a while.

Bartlee & Highway64

Bartlee Norton belting one out

OMG! I have to tell you about this dream I had.....It was so strange.
     I was sitting at home and the door bell rings *Ding Dong, Ding Dong*. So I ran down the stairs and opened the door. A young man in a cub scout uniform - first thought - sales call.
     He stands there and doesn't say a word, just stares at me. Then the adult with him fumbles for a bag - which is full of papers.
     Still not a sound from this kid. After a long silence he simply leaves.
     Before I can close the door a little girl in a tutu comes running up the stairs.....I say 'Hi, what can I do for you?" as I step back out onto the porch. At this point I see several more kids coming across the lawn. It's at this point that I realize it's October 31st and I'm not ready.....No Lights, No Decorations, No Candy.
     Panic sets in....I ran inside and began throwing any candy I had in the cupboards in a bowl. Running around frantically as I realized that I barely had 1/2 a bowl of goodies.
     I began calling for my wife to come and help me. She says 'Why are all these kids out here?" I looked out the window and a line had formed twice around the driveway and well into the road. Now I'm really freaking out.
     As I walk back down the stairs to the door it all seems like slow motion. I open the front door and all the kids begin running and jumping - on things, over things. They are running through the streets in the neighborhood - I can see them, not through their eyes but like I'm running with them, next to them. It's almost like they're wild animals. Howling, yelping, running, jumping.....skipping......
the telephone wakes me up......

Now isn't that just strange? What's even stranger is that 99.9% of my dreams I can't / don't remember. This one was so vivid and so odd that it stuck with me for about an hour after the phone rang. Long enough for me to write it down. I must be freaking out cause, as a friend said, Halloween's coming like a witch on a turbo broomstick. I have so much I want to get done and I guess I'm just afraid I won't. Or at least that's the meaning I've given to this really strange dream. :)

Since I haven't been able to run up and down the stairs to work in my studio (I got some work accomplished, more on that in a minute) I have been reading. It's a book by Jack White. It's called "Mystery of Making It". Some of you may have read this already. I've gotten to chapter 7 and so far it has been very informative. I have even begun implementing some of what he has written. I will admit that finding time to read has been challenging but worth the effort!

Now onto what I did manage to work on......
I got the new burlap for my Scare-Me-Crow. It's an odd green color. Not overwhelming. You probably wouldn't even know it was green in the dark of the night. I got it cut into the pieces I need to wrap the arms, as soon as I get the new wires in place. No, the wires aren't done yet....I couldn't easily drag him up the stairs to work on him. Besides, my wife would have freaked out if he was standing in the kitchen staring at her. :)

it's green, trust me

I continued to work on Moxie/Faerie....
I am really, really happy with the direction this lil' one has taken. I had picked up heavy yarn to use for the hair (last post, in the material photo). I started by taking it apart. Each strand had four separate strands. I then separated them into groups....white, green, white, green. And then cut them into the length I needed. I then started gluing them in place. One row at a time. I think I did two rows and then let them dry and then another two rows and let it dry. Then at the top, I went from the center out to create the hairline. It is so 'full'. It looks great! Wanna see? Sure you do! LOL
the yarn used

separated, ready to be cut and applied

first row applied

second row from the back

further along...

from the side. nothing on top yet

hair applied and drying. not 'fluffed'

I have yet to begin on the doll version of Moxie. I'm trying to not start on that one until I've gotten the faerie much further along. I really appreciate all the encouragement from everyone - the support has been great! Susie said I could do whatever I wanted - I warned her that would happen! LOL  :) 

BC & P update:
The crazy weather has all but killed my broomcorn and pumpkins. There are so withered and yellowed. The pumpkins haven't grown any since last post. The broomcorn has a couple of stalks that have gotten a little bigger, but the majority of them have browned and wilted terribly. I hope this new wave doesn't finish them off. It was in the 100's and then it was 85-95 and rain for a week and now its back into the mid 90's and dry again. BLAH!!! I want pumpkins!!  :)

I didn't work on my hat any at all. That's a garage thingy...all the banging isn't an indoor project. I just got my first booklet from DragonCon in the mail today. Wow! The list of people that will be there and all the things that will be going on is amazing. I'm excited to be going! My mead has been racked and is in it's second '30 day' period. Then I will have to rack it again. Then it can go into bottles for the remainder of the time.

I went by Micheal's Art and Craft store a few days ago on the way home from work....after seeing other posts about them putting out Halloween stuff! Bummer!! They had one measly little shelf put out. :)   Of course I asked. I was told that things would be coming in over the next few weeks. Guess I'll have to go again. Maybe at the end of the month. Hopefully Sally will be able to go with me by then. We can go to Michael's, Garden Ridge...maybe even Party City! HA!!

one little end cap - boo! hiss! boo!

I guess that's all for this post.....
I've got some new members too! YAY!!  Welcome aboard!
Jeff from Curse Of The Wolf's Heart....Great Stop Motion!
Olav Marahrens - illustration and sculpted figures (dolls?)

Надежда Новгородская
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Til Next Time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Now we're rolling! 118 and 38!!!!  Simple things make me happy!


  1. Thank you so much for letting us know what's going on. Congratulations on 21 years; that's a truly wonderful thing! Your wife is very brave to let the world see those pictures of her poor foot.

    Fairy Moxie is coming along beautifully. I'm really impressed by your vision and your originality applied to one of Susan's lovely dolls.

    1. Thank You Mz. B!!
      everything is doing well at this point. her foot seems to be healing ok, we'll find out on thursday.
      Moxie has been fun. Started on the doll version. :)

  2. Hi Ron:) Happy 21st Anniversary to you and Sally!!!

    Your Fairy Moxie looks awesome Ron. It's coming along really well. She's going to be beautiful when she's finished.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann!
      she's coming along great! started the doll version, more on that latter in the week. :)

  3. Ron! Ron! 100 days to Halloween!!!

    1. Aaaahhhhhhhh!
      No, NO, NO!
      it can't be!!!

      LOL :)