Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kitchen Fires on the Phone

Helloooooo Everybody!
Hope you've had a splendid weekend!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?
November has flown by in a blink.
Soon it will be...that other holiday. :)

I think we'll start this post off with Moxie. She is coming along wonderfully. I am really happy with how she is progressing. She looks so different....with legs. LOL! I decided on buttons at her hips. They are a four hole white button that goes well with her 'faerie designs'. Her arms are next and then her outfit. I am hoping (hoping really hard) that I can finish her sometime this coming week. Wish me luck! Here are some progress pics for your viewing pleasure. :)

on the side ~ legs dangling

sitting all by herself
she wants to cross her legs when she
stands from this position

button shot ~ really hard to hold a doll,
hold the camera and try to see the viewer...
without my glasses

slightly clearer button shot  :)

This past week was also full of ideas for my next DragonCon. Body suits, Skull makeup (twisted grin), feathered collars, feathered wig (?), bony spine and elvish shoes/boots? Five hundred different images running through my head. After this past year, I've realized that I have to start pulling things together much sooner. HA! That will remain to be seen. I'll have to keep you posted on the comings and goings of this one.

i saw this the other day and immediately
thought of Miss B ~ she'll know!!  :)

Friends of mine, Jan and Karen (you may remember them from my DragonCon posts), are working on a kitchen set for the grans. It's a converted entertainment center that is looking quite amazing. Jan has promised to keep me up to date on the progress (only if I remind her a hundred times a day, I'm sure). I just wanted to share it with you. I think you all will appreciate it!

the kids are gonna have a blast with this one!

This past Friday, after much (and I do mean MUCH) deliberation, I broke down and bought a new phone. My old phone was really acting squirrelly. Rang when it felt like it, just deleted text messages without warning, text to whomever it felt like sending them too regardless of the intended recipient. It would power down without any was becoming increasingly annoying. So after looking at phones and having a small coronary...I decided on one. I'm not going to share the price, it still pains me that I had to spend that kind of money on a phone. A cell phone at that. If it wasn't for my wife and kids I probably wouldn't have a cell phone. This thing will not leave my sight.....I spent more on this phone than I have on all the previous phones I've had combined. So needless to say, I am very 'protective' of it. LOL!

my purrrrr-dee new S3 with it's protective Otter case
(it best damn well protect it!)

Today, and yes, I mean all day, I was busy working on a new fire pit out in the backyard. It's about 5 foot across. I used cinder blocks for the base and then capped them off. It also has two seats made from cinder blocks as well. It has turned out fairly well. Even though I now feel like I've been run down by a bus. I'm going to be so stiff tomorrow...I can already feel it. It will be nice to have it for fires though. I have one more seat to add to it but that will have to wait until I get a few more dollars gathered together. I took a couple of pictures to share, unfortunately I took them with my new phone and cannot for the life of me figure out how to send the damn things to my email. Technology will be the death of me yet. the process of building the pit, I broke my favorite coffee mug. :(  I've had this cup forever and a day. It really sucked! But alas, I will live. I'm sure I will find another, it just won't be the same.

I do believe that's all for this week.....
I hope you have a fantastic week (I will, off of work all week!).
If I don't see you before Thursday ~ Have A Fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!!



  1. Oh yes, I NEED that poster! Thank you, Ron, you such are a sweetheart!

    I'm looking closely at Moxie's tendrils and vines. They're beautifully painted, really lovely and delicate. Do you plan them? Are they completely free-form? And how does the gesso dry? Is it stiff or tactile like cloth? I need answers, dammit!

    Nice phone. I think you now have more computing power in your hand than the entire Apollo space mission.

    Oh! And I'll have to follow the entertainment kitchen conversion because I'm looking at a really ugly bugger of an entertainment center right now.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I knew you'd like that one! :)

      The vines are not planned, they just kind of happen. Completely hand painted. The gesso stiffens it up. They're still movable. After the gesso I use acrylic paint which stiffens the fabric even more. They can still be moved though. I need to get a longer needle though. Using a small one kind of 'crunches' the material. I worked it back out but would rather have not had it happen at all.

      The sad thing about the phone is that I will probably never use 90% of what it is capable of...

      I can't wait to see what Jan does to the kitchen...she has lots of accessories for it and she's even going to add a 'window' with an outdoor scene over the sink. It's gonna be great!

    2. Do you have any doll maker's needles? I've never tried them, but I know they're extra long and quite thick. Too thick for needle sculpting faces, (because they leave a pin mark) but designed, I guess, for sewing button joints and things. They're longer than a darning needle, apparently. Would they be long enough to use without the paint crinkling?

    3. Thanks for the advice Miss B!
      I will have to look for doll maker's needles the next time I'm out.
      I found some 'fairly' long ones but I'm not sure how well they will work. :) Fingers crossed!

  2. The fire pit looks good Ron. that projects for this coming year although mine will be rocks already at the pit, I will just be cementing them. oh and I love that entertainment play kitchen. that was very creative

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I think I'm gonna white wash it. I think that will look good with all the texture from the mortar. I may need to borrow your stone mold....I may run stones around the inside of the circle. That may not be til spring though.
      I think we're gonna have an inagural (sp?) fire this coming weekend.....smores? drinks? not sure yet. I will let you know! :)

  3. Ron love what you did with Moxie, can't wait to see her finished. Thats a very creative ideal with the entertainment cent to turn it into a play kicthen. Nice phone. I wish you and you family a happy thanksgiving.


    1. Thank you Darlene! I can't wait to see her finished either! LOL
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's as well! :)

  4. WOW! I'll say it again with bells on......WOW!

    1. Thank you Susie!! You made my day! :)
      I will have to admit that the hands are being a little stubborn....I did the 'fingered' one and got to the last finger and ripped it. Time to start again..... :)
      Any tips or hints? Hhhhmmmm?? :) LOL!

  5. Ah! The bane of the cloth dollmaker.....turning bloody fingers!
    1) Make mitt hands
    2) Replace arms with wings
    3)Get really good quality quilter's muslin with a high thread count......then make sure you hold your mouth right when you are turning the fingers.

    1. Thanks Susie!
      She got 'mitt' hands. After the second try and ripping them too.
      I was holding my mouth.....or is that my tongue? HA!