Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mom's Watching

Good Evening All!
Hope this past week was a good one.

All I can say about mine is.....
What A Week!

Monday started with a trip to the hospital for Amanda (daughter-in-law). They decided they were going to induce labor....apparently nobody told the baby. HA! After trying all day, they finally gave up and let Amanda try to get some rest. "We'll try again tomorrow" was the verdict. My daughter was babysitting for my son.
Tuesday....all day long. Again, I think they forgot to inform the baby of the 'plan'. :)  He wasn't cooperating in the slightest (yes, I know, another stubborn child). Finally he gave up though. He was born around 3:30pm. Because of the timing, I didn't receive the phone call until I was walking in the door from work. It was really strange. Normally when I come home, I look at the mail while I'm going into the house. I didn't for some reason. I just dumped it on the table, let the dogs out, checked on the cat and then the phone rang. It was my wife, "meet me at work so we can go see the baby". "Ok, I'm on my way" I responded and hung up the phone. And for whatever reason I turned the mail over. Something for my wife, something for my daughter, wife, daughter, mother. WTF?? My Mom passed away in 2005, so it kind of shocked me a little. I opened it, simple curiosity......I about fell off of my chair. It was a pamphlet reminding her she should get tested for heart disease or stroke issues. My mother passed away from a series of small heart attacks and then a major one (on the operating table). Have you ever had one of those nervous laughs? You know, the ones that are a hair away from a cry? Well, that's what came out of my mouth. I didn't know whether to be upset or pissed off. I called my wife and told her and she said 'you should call them'. After looking through the pamphlet I realized the only number was for the 'clinic'. So I called and while I was waiting it occurred to me that it was my mother's name and my address. I'm still not sure how they did that. To my knowledge my mother never used my address for anything. How weird is that? After talking to my son and my wife, we came to the conclusion that it was just my mother letting us know she's watching over everything. It's still a little nerve wrecking.
Oh sidetracked didn't I? On Tuesday we welcomed Preston Milles into our lives. He so sweet! He was 49 cm long and weighed 7 lbs 1 oz.
They were bathing him when my wife and I got to the hospital. The nurse that was there never stopped talking the entire time. My son now has four children. You would have thought the way the nurse carried on that this was his first. It was really quite funny. My son just kept looking at me with this look of 'why'?
On Wednesday afternoon, I found out that they were keeping Amanda and Preston for a while longer. Amanda was having severe migraines, couldn't even stand up because of them. And Preston was not keeping anything down and then developed jaundice. They (and I) think that Preston my be lactose intolerant. They switched him to soy and kept him under the lights for the night. Seems to have done the trick. They also managed to get Amanda's migraines under control. I feel for her - I suffer from migraines as well. Haven't had a bad one in quite a while (knock on wood!).
Thursday, I took off work to babysit Shaylor and Rylee. Long story but I wound up babysitting. :) They were good kids! Lawton was at school for the majority of the time. After another long day (even longer for Ryan and Amanda) the hospital finally said they could go home. They got there around 4. I stayed for a bit and then left so they could get things in order and back to normal.
In short - I have a new Grand Son!!  YAY!  :)

Preston Milles - 12/11/12

ain't he so sweet? :)

On 12/12/12 my daughter got engaged! Or so she thinks. They decided to paste it all over FaceBook instead of telling me to my face. So, I've been waiting to see how long it takes her to say something to me. I'm happy for her but a little upset that I had to read about it like I was one of her 'friends'. I know I taught her better than that. Oh well, too late to cry about it now. Congrats Jenifer and Michael (Perry!).

Oh, I almost forgot about the phone calls I got. I got home on Thursday after babysitting and checked the phone messages. Two. The first one was for 'burial insurance'. The second was for 'cancer screening'. Now, really, I ask you - WTF??? If my Mother is trying to tell me something I really wish she'd just write me a letter. :)

Shaylor covering up Roxxy - she was cold
like the doggie sofa? :) this is in the far corner of
my my dogs can keep an eye on me. LOL!

I've been watching the 'tiny house movement' for a while now. I think they're wonderful! I just found out that Jay Schafer, who started Tumbleweed tiny homes, has stepped down and started a new company. It's called Four Lights Houses. You should take a look. I've had it in my head about 'downsizing' for a while now and I really like the Tumbleweed line. But these new ones....WOW! I really like them a lot! The Tumbleweed line is portable. It's a 'trailer house'. Not the trashy tin cans! The ones from Four Lights look to be stationary homes. The first one (he's releasing one each month) is called the Marmara. I like the design of the house. How it looks. Who knows....maybe someday. :) 

the Marmara - Four Lights Houses

I got a heat gun too! It's just a small 'hobby' gun. Yeah, Ok! This thing heats to 650 degrees. I had to read that a couple of times before it really sank in. Yes, I have used it. Yes, I like the results. And NO, they are not what I was expecting. I used the heat gun for Moxie's wings. I was using the Fosshape, if you recall. The heat gun shrunk, hardened and 'holed' the about 10 seconds. It will take some practice to get used to the 'heat'. But, as I said, I am happy with how the wings turned out. I am almost, at this point anyway, sure that Moxie is not getting a dress. I did not like they way any of them turned out. And the ones that I almost, kinda liked, covered too much of her 'tatoos'. So, in the process of trying the wings on, decided that I like her without the dress better than with. Let me know what you all think......

blogger flipped my photo again. won't let me turn
it right side up...aaaahhhhhh!
the wings after the heat gun

from the front you can hardly see them

from the right side
they are just pinned in place.
i think i may have to go up some with them

from the back

pinned in place
with her hair to one side -
NOT an easy task  :)

I have also discovered an amazing cellist. Her name is Zoe Keating. Her work is incredible. If you haven't heard of her, you should really go and check it out. If you have....well, why didn't you share? Hhhhmmm?
LOL!  I got her album 'Into the trees' today. Digital download. I put it on a CD and have been listening to it non stop since! You can check out her site here. The music is mesmerizing, enchanting and haunting. I think I'm in love. :)  Do yourself a favor a go give it a listen!

Zoe Keating
(photo by David Peterman)

Well, I think that's all the news that fits. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming week! Be good to each other!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

my heart and soul goes out to the children that were lost in Connecticut.
all guns around the world should be melted down!


  1. Congratulations on your new grandson, Preston!
    Just be sure they don't keep him on the Soy formula as it does have hormone qualities that are really only good for women who have gone through the menopause...not kidding here. Check it out on the internet.
    Your angel doll is great!
    I will also go to the link of Zoe the cellist...I love great cello music.
    Teresa in California

    1. Thanks Teresa....I'll be sure and check out the soy information.
      Thank you again for the comments on Moxie. She's been fun making. I have a second one that I will be working on after this one. :)
      You'll love Zoe!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! Congratulations! It's nice to hear something good.

    No, Moxie doesn't need a dress, you put all that creativity into her tendrils and wines, it would be a shame to cover them. So looks so sweet where she's sat in profile.

    Old Krampus postcards I found are here

    1. Thanks! We're really glad to have Preston in our lives!:)
      I'm so glad you don't think she needs a dress....I thought I was the only one. She does look sweet, doesn't she?
      I love the post on Krampus- you always have the best information! You must work for the FBI ~ LOL!

    2. Well, I have a trench coat. Does that count?

  3. Wow! Great news!
    Congratulations and welcome to Preston :o)
    Your doll is beautiful and and she's already so perfect without dress.
    Happy week!