Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Witch Of A Day!

Good Evening All!
Hope you've had a great week.
This weekend seems to have vaporized into thin's already time to go back to work. BLAH!

Short update this week.....
My wife and I have decided what and where we are starting on this year. The fire pit (has already gotten a lot of use) will be finished. We will be adding stone around the pit. I think we are going to use a form to create the stones and then seal it with polymer sand to set it. Our neighbors are letting us use their form so that's one thing off the list I won't need to buy! YAY for great neighbors!! I think the 'third bench' will be slightly different than the other two. We saw are really cool design at Home Depot and I'm looking at how I can incorporate it into the layout. We are also looking to extend our back deck. Almost like a second deck. It will be much closer to the ground and much more yard accessible. That's the outdoor projects list as of this moment. We also got to work today on cleaning up some more of the backyard. We raked and pulled weeds (mainly because of the dogs - poison ivy and all). Who knew pine needles and leaves were so heavy? Mostly because they were wet and soggy...and stinky! I loaded up the fire pit, and loaded and loaded and loaded. Thirty plus wheelbarrows full and we didn't even make a dent. Oh yeah, I got a pretty little yellow wheelbarrow too! HA! I'm really glad we did. Cause raking this stuff across the yard would have killed me! It took forever for this soggy mess to burn. Hopefully we (I) can make some headway this coming week. Oh well, the saga continues....   :)
isn't it purr-dee?!

stinky smoke is what comes from a wet mess

I've been sculpting this past week! HURRAY! 
However...the piece that I was working on was giving me major fits. I could not get what I had in my head into the clay. So I set it aside and began working on another one. It has been great so far. I've been wanting to try silicone for quite some time now. I've seen a few videos on silicone and how hair is 'punched'. It got me really excited and I can't wait to put it together! It will be a new character for my Halloween display - Yes, Halloween has already slithered into my thoughts. I told my wife we could burn wet leaves for Halloween this year - it creates enough smoke to cover everything. LOL
Anyway, I have been sculpting my witch's face / head this past week and I am really happy with it so far.
Wanna see? Sure you do!...
started with a foam head 

i think she may be alien  

see, i told you...she's alien

beginnings of 'the nose'

further along. covered the entire head
so that i can add ears and crinkles.
yes, want to tell a witch
she has wrinkles? i don't  HA!

the other side

and this is where we stopped
next will be the ears and flesh the neck out,
which i started and must not have taken
any photos

This past week was kinda crappy for the exercising. I only got in four days. No motivation to get my butt on my bike. Hopefully I can have a better week. It seems weird that I'm starting on week 5 already. It doesn't feel like it's been five weeks. Time sure has been flowing like a river. :)

I think that's all for now. Maybe this coming week will be more 'exciting'. Creation wise...don't need any more excitement of the dramatic kind. :)

til then....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!



  1. That's messed up, Ron! I was just telling Adam the other day that I wanted to use one of the 2 styrofoam heads I had on hand (for my crochet items) as an armature for a bust and here you are doing just that! lol Looking great so far. I like the jutting chin :D

    I was thinking of sculpting a zombie bust once I figure out how to secure the armature to a base and fill in the shoulders. We shall see!

    1. Well know what they say about great minds thinking alike. LOL :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much! Got a hundred ideas running through my head.....scars, stitches, glowing eyes.....the list goes on and on. :)

  3. Your witch head is amazing so far Ron:) You're lucky you can rake leaves and work in your garden. We are facing another snowstorm tomorrow:(

    1. Thanks Mary Ann! No snow but lots of rain...again. It will be a few days before I can rake or anything else for that matter. But no SNOW! Stay warm and dry!!

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  5. Oh, I love the firepit and I love that you actually use it. We don't do anything outside (too cold in the Winter and too freakin' hot in the Summer)

    That witch mask looks pretty amazing. Do we get to see you cast with silicone?