Friday, August 30, 2013

Dreams of the Masked Spider

G'day Mates!
Hope everyone is doing well!

Well, it's been a busy, productive lapse since my last post.
Work on the masks have continued. They are almost complete, just lacking the elastic head bands. Once those are attached they will be ready to be loaded into my Etsy shop! YAY! I have a few (ha ha) photos to share with you. The first set is of the process for the antiqued skull...
the first two - gesso-ed and ready for paint...

applied and wiped a layer of 'titan buff'...

applied and wiped a layer of 'taupe'...

applied and wiped a layer of 'antique medium'...

beginning the 'crackle'...

applied a layer of 'barn red' to deepen the cracks...

and another layer of 'antique medium' to 
further enhance the cracks



Green with Envy

Orange Mist

Orange Swirls

This past week my daughter and I made Halloween wreaths! Spent the day with her and had a blast. Word of advice...stay away from glittered tulle! What a mess! It was everywhere...sofa, tables, floor. I looked up several sites to get a feel for how they were done, so I can't point to one particular site. I did a 'longer' wreath and Jenifer did a 'shorter' wreath. Both have lights. They both turned out fantastic and we both had a good time making them. We started with a trip to Michael's Craft store. They didn't have any orange tulle. The guy who tried to help me said he'd never seen orange tulle. I just gave him a 'yeah, right' look. Fortunately there was a Home Goods store next door and they had orange tulle. The wreaths centers are both 12 inch. Various flowers and decorations were added. Jenifer now wants to make wreaths for all the holidays. However, I believe we came to the conclusion "NO GLITTER"!  :)

before the lights were added
Jenifer's is on the right and mine on the left

Jenifer's complete with lights
I have to get a good shot of mine with lights
(I'll post it next time - I promise)

Speaking of Jenifer - no baby yet. Her due date is September 3. So any day now. I swear she looks like she could 'pop' if you look at her sideways. :) Can't wait to meet my grand daughter.

Sally and I went out to dinner at Applebee's. Shortly after we got seated it stormed. They lost power so we got to sit in the quiet for a bit till everything came back on. It's amazing how quiet people get when they realize that everyone else can hear what they are saying. Yes, I know, Applebee's is not on my 'should eat' list. But every once in a while won't hurt - too much. HA!

Does anyone else have 'waking dreams'? 
When I was in my early twenties, I had a recurring dream. Both waking and sleeping, at least once a week. I was in a vast field bordered by trees. I was always standing in front of castle ruins. The grass was waist high. The wind would start to blow and as it did I could feel my hair 'grow' from my head. I would close my eyes and feel the wind blow through me. It was one of the most calming things I've ever known. But it also brought a sense of change, something new. 
Well, just a couple of days ago, I was letting the dogs out for the night. I stepped onto the back porch and the wind picked up. I was instantly transported to that field. Again I could feel my hair lengthen and a sense of newness swept through me. After it was over, it occurred to me that I hadn't had that dream in a very long time. Makes me curious, and a bit anxious, as to what new changes are coming. 
And to all of you thinking that it's just wishful thinking that my hair would grow....well, when I first had these dreams my hair was arse length. So I say 'no' to you! LOL
Any dreamers out there with dreams to share? I would love to hear them!

Oh!! I have to tell you about my spider! Yes, I said spider! After our trip to Jenifer's for wreath making, we pulled into the driveway. Half way up the drive as said 'holy shit'. My wife looked at me like the house was on fire. I directed her to the garage door....she responded with OMG! We have a yellow orb spider that has taken up residence in the corner of the garage door. You could clearly see her from the middle of the driveway. I kept thinking 'she's got to be huge in order for me to see her from here'. Well, she is. She is as big as my lighter. Yes, I got close enough to compare the two. She's stunning and a bit frightening too. After I put my hand up by her, with my lighter to compare, the first thought was 'damn, she's big enough to carrier me away' and my second was 'step away from the spider before she eats you'. LOL

our (outside) house guest

Well....I do believe that's it for now.
Until next we meet, I will leave you with this...

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

p.s. ~ 62 days!  ;}


  1. First...those masks are awesome! I love your Halloween wreaths too. I agree with you about glitter tulle:)

    Second...that spider....eeeek!!! We had orb spiders in our yard for several years. They seemed to like the mauve petunias that I planted and they would build huge webs among the flowers.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann!!
      I'm still finding glitter in places it shouldn't be! LOL

      I will have to relocate my spider...I will have to put her on the other side of the yard in the garden. Hopefully she will be happy there. :)

  2. Wow! You have a writing spider! I know that because I had one too and Summer Covington told me what it was. See the thicker zigzags of gossamer? I think that's the 'writing' Yes, they get big and beautiful. I'm going to post photos of mine on my blog soon.

    The dream sounds wonderful. Very healing. And do you have any old photos of yourself with hip-length hair?

    Glitter is a contaminant and it does not get through my door. I'd rather clean up plutonium.

    The masks are really wonderful. I love the paint finishes. Are you going to do one in gimp black for...uh...consenting adults?

    1. A 'writing' spider? Hhhhhmmmmm, should I be looking for a pig too? You know...Wilbur? Charolette?? LOL!

      I'll have to look, Miss B. Not sure if I do or not. Might scare people. :)

      Consenting adults...hhhhmmmmmm. New market maybe? *wink,wink*