Thursday, January 01, 2015

Holiday Cheer!

Good Morning
HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone of you!

Seems I've been absent (yet again).
No excuses...just re-evaluating and lack of time.
Yes, I know - LAME. But it's the only answer I have.
and now that I've checked the stats on my blog...I feel really neglectful. Seems I am getting well over 300 views a day. Wow! That's humbling. :)

I do believe I will start where I left off - Halloween!
Nothing major, just a catch up of sorts....
It was cold and wet on Halloween night. It rained, then stopped, then rained, then stopped...this went on for about an hour and a half. All in all, we had about 55 kids come by. It was a low number but not terrible when the weather was taken into account.
it was so cold that the lens on my phone
was foggy...gave a really cool effect though

and a shot of the table set up...bbrrrrr!

Thanksgiving was a wash this year. It was quiet, just Sally and me. Which was fine - means I didn't have to cook. :)

Amy (our friend and neighbor) brought me a poinsettia. Wonderful little plant! Nice, vibrant red - all holiday cheery! And Amy also re-potted a couple of my plants for me. She was doing some for herself - and working on her business - and remembered that I had one that was living in a coffee can. Nothing terrible, the plant loved the water and was doing great. It just bothered some people that I never took it out of the coffee can. What can I say, my mother had plants in everything...glasses, cups, jars. It was never a second thought to me. Anyway, Thanks Amy, I appreciate the effort!
ain't it pretty?

the center right is the 'coffee can' plant.
Amy also gave me a new plant, the center left

Christmas was...full. 
The kids and grand kids were all at the house. Lots of gifts to open. Everyone was happy (no grumpy gus' this year). I am really glad that everyone got to come. I'm glad my kids live here and that I can see them regularly! I know a lot of people don't have that - kids out of state and all - I can only imagine how hard that must be. So, to my children - I Love You! We got together with family (Dennis and Shirley) and with friends (Amy, Barry and Al). It was a great holiday. Thank you all for being in my little world. And for all of you that I didn't get to see - know that you are in my thoughts!
Ok, enough of the mushy/gooey....
Christmas lights...not a lot this year
but festive and bright!
the tree (you can kind of see it behind all the presents)
and this was a good week before Christmas - there was
more added before the 25th
the mess that was...

full to the brim...

Roxxy's new toy...

and Pixie's too

And we learned that my daughter, Jenifer, is working on another grandchild!
This will bring the grand total to six! Her second. 
I'm going to be broke for the rest of my life! LOL!!
But lots of love - and that's all that matters!

Well, I believe that will do it for this post. Yes, I know, I didn't post any artwork or projects. That will have to wait for another post - wouldn't want any of you nodding off. ;)

To all my family and friends, be you close or far, may the new year bring you joy, peace and love!

til next time...
Be Good, Be Happy, Be Safe!



  1. My goodness! Congrats on another grandchild :D I've wondered where you've been. Haven't seen you on facebook either. Love the family gathering pics. It was a small affair for Adam and I on Christmas Day. Just about an hour with my mom and brother but it was fun. Hope we see more of you from now on!

  2. Willy Pogany! It's Willy Pogany! Finally! I knew it was an illustration of Sigurd or Siegfried but I couldn't for the hell of me remember who it was by. Willy Pogany! That's been bothering me every since you added it to your blog heading!

    (Oh, and Happy New Year, too! ;) )