Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elvis has left the building...

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope all is well in you little corner of the world.

Getting ready for my baby to come back home from California! She should be here sometime on Tuesday! I can hardly wait. I miss her. I thought I was gonna have to put up all the Halloween decorations by myself. But not now...Jenifer will be here to help me. YAY! Even though I won't have any of my own pumpkins :(

Last night we went to The Mill to see 'Elvis'......
I was unaware that it was going to be kareoke night. HA! It started at 7, so we got there at 7 only to find people singing kareoke. Some of them weren't bad. They had a local guy that sang country and played guitar. He was pretty good. Then there was the guy that played guitar and sounded really good. When I came around the stage to see who was playing....well, it looked like he was having a severe spasm. Wow.
Then came the sirens....the police car pulled up with a black suv and out stepped Elvis. The crowd went nuts. He worked his way through everyone and down to the stage. I thought 'gee, not too bad'......then he opened his mouth. The whole crowd was shocked into silence. This guy was really bad. Couldn't sing, couldn't dance. The looks on everyone's faces was priceless. My phone was acting up so I didn't get a shot of the crowd. This went on for an hour. There were dancers from a local dance group there as well, they did a good job. Even though they were 'country' dancing to 'rock and roll' (line dance and everything).This was not the same group of people who have been putting on the shows at The Mill. And it showed. This group was so unorganized. Not from lack of trying. Then about 3/4 of the way through the (bad) Elvis show, he says 'Dmac will be on after I'm done performing'. Dmac? Who? What? Elvis got done and everyone hollered and clapped (I think they were glad it was over) and then they started setting up for the next show.....after 15-20 minutes of them tripping over wires and each other out comes this skinny white kid with a green mowhawk. ????  It was a 'christian rap group'. I made it through one song before I had to leave. If they had come out first I may have been able to handle it, but after the Elvis show, I just couldn't take any more. Oh well, at the very least we all had a good laugh! I'll think twice about going to see another impersonator again.

 I was waiting for the real Elvis to come back from the dead. This guys singing could wake the dead.

These are some of the dancers that 'saved' the show.

My mother-in-law with the man himself. Sally got him to pose with her for her birthday...she's going to be 80

my neighbor Barry with Elvis.

And it was a full moon on top of everything else.

Here's a couple of photos of Barry and Amy, my neighbors. I don't even want to know what they had been eating....

Just two of the crazy people in my life that I'm glad to call friends! It's things like this that make me realize I have some pretty amazing people in my life....I have two wonderful kids, three grandchildren and of course my wonderful wife. My friends are all great and I'm glad that I know them all!

Well, after last weekend, when everything got really, really bright and whitewashed, I am not taking my blood pressure medicine. YAY! I have changed my diet, cut the sodium way back and my blood pressure has leveled out and it appears that I don't need the pills. I've been averaging 110-120 over 65-70 without pills. Hurray!! I've lost 5 pounds to boot!! got another 25 to go (according to my doctor). Now that I've gotten my blood pressure leveled I can get back to doing my P90 workout. After last Sunday I was kinda scared to try P90. But now I should be able to go full steam! Hopefully I won't fall down and crack my head! HA!

The Halloween clocks are coming along nicely. I hope to have things ready to post sometime this coming week. Keep an eye out for them.

Have a great day! I gotta get back to moving things so my daughter's room is ready!


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