Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lost in the Corn....

Hi Again....Hope your Sunday has been wonderful!

Guess where we went today? Give up?
We made a trip to Rockmart, Georgia. We went to visit Carlton Farms......
For the Corn Maze. Had a blast!! I've never been to a corn maze. We were there about 3:30pm.
As we made our way through the maze all I could think was..."we're gonna have to come back for the
haunted maze"....."in the dark". I never realized how truely creepy corn was until today.
They gave us a "map" to use and there are stations through out the maze to punch your map....12 punches to collect. We got them all. Granted we got some help from a foursome of kids that were there. They found 2 of the stations that we couldn't find and we found 2 that they couldn' we shared. That's not technically cheating, is it?? :)
Me, Sally and Amy had a lot of fun wandering through the corn. Hollering back and forth......"Ron, where are you?"......"I'm in the Kern!"
"I found number 3!"......."where are you?"......"I'm still in the kern!!"
They had some pretty amazing pumpkins too. That's where we got our pumpkins a couple of years ago. They didn't have as many this time but they had ones that were much bigger. Unfortunately, they price by the pound, so a large pumpkin comes with a large price.
I think we're gonna go back for the haunted maze. Sally says she's not going. Too scary. LOL!
This was from the top of the 'site bridge'. So you can get an idea of the layout.
Does it look like it helped? NO! it didn't.

Children of the Kern!! Hahaha. Sally hiding in the corn.

Amy on the bridge....Kern as far as you can see.

and the offical Carlton Farms photo. :)

I got a couple of photos of the yard too....However, I tried to take them with my phone and needless to say the night photos are really bad. I will have to break out my camera and take some better ones. So I am only going to post a few here. I will use my camera once I get everything set up. The large decorations are up and the lights (I have to add at least one more flood light, maybe two). I still have to set up the porch - table decorations and the fog machine. Be patient, it will be worth the wait. :)

this years addition. the coffin I made and Bart. My neighbor is trying to get some
cornstalks for me to go around (and in) the coffin.

a wider angle of the yard

the coffin at night. can't wait to get the cornstalks put up

I have already had the 'slow down' of traffic in front of the house. It's funny cause I can hear the cars creeping by. Pixie (my rat terrier) hates it...she thinks they are all going to pull in the driveway. She goes running to the door or window everytime. I like knowing that people slow down to look at what I've put up. I need to find someone who needs window decorations done.....anybody know any stores that need Halloween deocorating help??

That's all for now.......Have a fantastic week!

p.s. Don't get lost in the Kern! You never know what's out there with you!  ;)

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