Monday, October 17, 2011

Tick~Tock, Tick~Tock.....

Hi Everyone!!!
Wow! Where did the time go?
I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted. It gets away from you quickly!  :)
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying October.
It is most definately October in Georgia....40-50 at night and still in the 80-85 range during the day. They did say that Tuesday night it is supposed to rain and then a cold front is coming in....the highs will only be 55-65. BBBBRRRRRRR! Time to break out the jackets! HaHaHa!!

Let's see, where to start, where to start......
A friend of mine at work, Carma, told me she had to take another photo of me...she's been telling her trainer how good I've been doing and bragging about my progress. I was shocked, since I don't even brag about my progress. Then she sent me a pic she took about 8-9 months ago. Wow.....I'll let you decide for yourself.
This is 8-9 months ago. Black shirt makes it hard to see......

this is me about a week and a half ago. The jeans I have on I haven't worn in
about two years. They're a 36. I know that doesn't sound like much but the previous
photo is a 40. Yay! *Look at the's the same one*

I started working on a project that I had set aside a while back. It's Roma Clay - Hard. I like they way you can sculpt and then 'carve' the clay. However, getting it to a point where it's pliable is a royal pain. I tried using a double boiler with boiling water....apparently, that wasn't hot enough. The clay was still 'clumpy'. I'm going to see about getting a small hotplate. Hopefully that will work so I can use this clay......

This is where I left off.......

This is how far I got before the clay started working my nerves...

I went candy shopping this past weekend too....I can't believe it's only 2 weeks til Halloween. I wanted it to come but wow, it's just flying by. I got full size candy bars this year. Thought I give the kids something more than just the mini candy they seem to push at this time of the year.
gotz da good stuff!  :)

I still have to find an outfit for my lil' one.....maybe a little black dress or black pants and shirt. She'll sit in the corner of the porch to freak the kids out when they're leaving. ;)   She's wearing Jenifer's nurse mask from a couple years ago. I made it for Jenifer when she was at Psycho Shack. It turned out really well for a paper-mache project.

needs some clothes and a pumpkin to carry.

My friends at Psycho Studios had their opening weekend this past Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I hope everything went well. I'm sure from what I've seen and heard so far they had a great opening weekend. If you're in the Conyers area in Georgia go see them! Here's the link to the website.....13 acres of hell.  They have a house on 13 acres with their own lake. I'm hoping to go next weekend? I hope, I hope.  :)

I got my second Bart out on the porch as well. I like the way he looks at you...daring you to come up the stairs. I can't wait to get the fog machine set up. That will be Halloween night. My neighbor got me some corn stalks for my coffin too!! Thanks Amy!! Everything looks good so far. I have a few more things to put out when it gets closer. And then set up the table and fog machine. Yippee!! I'm so excited.

here's Bart #2. Ready to greet the lil' trick or treaters. Socks to keep him warm on the cold nights.  :)

and here's Bart #1 all tucked in his coffin with corn stalks to add to the spooky! Ha!

AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! my wireless connection has gone out 3 times since I started typing this post. I'm gonna throw the box against the wall in a minute. Time to call the cable company and have them send me a new box to replace this piece of junk I currently have.
I guess I'm gonna call it quits before this box makes me crazy (crazy-er). I think I will go out and try to get some night time shots of the lights so y'all can see how pur-dee they is.  :)

are you ready? time's a wastin'!!


  1. *whistles* Very svelte!!

    You might not post that often......but when you do, it's a biggie! Wish we did Halloween here - it looks like a lot of fun :-(

  2. WHAT?!?
    No Halloween? How can that be?
    I guess you're just going to have to start it.
    Maybe we should take up a collection to send you some decorations and lights.
    No Halloween.......that's just not right.

  3. Wow! That's a transformation :) Keep it up!

    Yeah weight has always been an issue for me too. Get it from my mothers side. Dad and his family have always been skinny. They can eat and eat and never gain a pound! Why couldn't I have taken after them? lol

    Really liking your creations... hope to see the finished results soon and Bart#2 is Awesome! :D

    Thank you for the LUCK!

  4. Thank you for the comments and the encouragement! I have always been 'pudgy' (that's my story and i'm sticking to it). I don't think my family has a 'thin side'. LOL! Who knows, maybe I'll be the first. ;)