Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thursday ramblings....

Hello All!
Hope you are having a great week! It's been a really weird one this week.....

I got Forrest de-molded. And for the most part the mold came out well. Won't know for sure until I pour the neoprene. The outside of the mold cracked in one spot. Fortunately it doesn't affect the face. The crack is on the outer rim. :(   Not as bad as it could have been. I'm really getting impatient.....I don't have my neoprene yet. I do have a small amount of latex though...I may do a test run. Just to make sure that it 'grabbed' all the details.
I'm not positive I have enough for the mold though. I'll have to go and investigate further. :)
looking down into the mold. see the big crack in the upper right corner?

this is whats left of Forrest's sculpt and pieces of plaster. 
what a mess!

Tuesday night's full moon was accompanied by something I haven't heard in the 10 years I've lived in my OWL! I was letting out the dogs and I heard a 'noise'. At first I thought it was one of the neighborhood dogs (I was glad it wasn't, because I thought they may have been hurt). But then he hooted again. I searched the woods behind my house to no avail....then he hooted again. That was when I realized that the moon was full. What a wonderful night for an owl. Owls are at the top of my favorite list. They are simply 'Royal'. They're beautiful, intelligent, graceful and one of the best hunters on the planet. When I was a kid I always wanted a barn owl to take roost in our barn. But it never happened. I checked all the time but they must not have liked our barn. Either that or our cats got to all the mice before they did. :)
And then yesterday while I was continuing to work on the fence, I heard something I haven't heard in a while...a woodpecker. He was loud too! A couple of years ago we had a really large one. He was about 2 feet tall. Absolutely beautiful bird. And then he just stopped showing up. I heard the bang, bang, bang again today and went looking for him. He's a tiny little thing for all the noise he was making. He couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 inches tall. I think he must be a 'baby'. I love my woods! 

I came across a post where they were talking about Johnny Depp's new movie. What? New movie? Really? How did I not hear about this? He's doing a version of Dark Shadows. He plays the vampire. The makeup is fabulous (like I'd expect anything less). Of course this is a Burton collaboration. There is no trailer yet. I think it's going to be released in May. So we should start seeing something soon. :) 
Johnny the vampire

And I came across the trailer for Paranorman. This looks cute. It's from Laika. It's supposed to be out soon too. It's from the makers of Coraline. It's an animated film but the premise looks good. Maybe I'll take the grandkids to see it. Hhhhmmmmm. You never know, stranger things have happened. LOL!

from the makers of Coraline

Not a bad week so far, right? Wrong! Wednesday morning I realized that I forgot to make my chicken salad to take for lunch (all the sodium ya-ya). So, being very bad, very bad, I went to McDonald's for lunch. That doesn't sound too terrible, does it? When I got done eating and pulled back into the parking lot my boss called me and said 'Can I talk you into going to get me something to eat?" - he was on a service call with an outside tech. I said 'sure - what do you want?' Guess where I made another trip to......yep, McDonald's. Again, that doesn't sound too bad. Well, on the way back to McDonald's, I managed to run over something in the road. I think it was a piece of metal pipe. The tire caught it and threw it into the wheel well. Made an awful noise. And I freaked out about it. But it seemed to not have done anything. So, back through the drive-thru and headed back to work. Half way back my little yellow light comes on saying 'low tire pressure'. Then I noticed that my truck was kinda leaning towards the left. Pulled into my parking space and got was half way flat. And I could clearly hear the air escaping the tire. DAMN!! About an hour later my boss comes to me and says 'you gonna change that?' The whole time I wasn't even sure there was a spare up under the truck. But there was! So I proceeded to change the tire. Yeah, right. Had a hell of a time getting the spare down. It was tucked waaaayyyyy up underneath. Got the lugs busted loose and started jacking up the truck....the jack didn't take the truck up high enough. Really? Are you kidding me? Off to the maintenance department to get the big jack. Then realized that there wasn't enough room to put both jacks on the little 'jack bumper thing'. I had to cram the spare up underneath and take the small jack down. Finally got the tire changed.
Then I left for the tire place.....a couple miles up the road some clown in a van pulled out in front of me, he was less than a car length away from me when he gunned it. Which really just infuriated me, then whatever he had on his roof came off and straight into the front of my truck. Really? Why me? Fortunately it was empty cardboard boxes. If there had been a policeman around they would have hauled me off for road rage. I was fit to be tied! Then when I got to the tire place they were swamped....couldn't do it today. Of course not, whThy would I expect anything else. So I left the tire to be repaired. I picked it up today and was promptly told that it would be 2-3 hours before they could put it on for me. Ummmmmm, no thanks, just give it to me. I will do it myself. Whew! Came home to change the tire....that's when I heard the woodpecker. Funny how a little bird can change your whole outlook on the day. :)

I did get a pleasant surprise today though. A couple of days ago I left a response to a post. It was for an article written about a well known doll artist. To my wonderful surprise she responded and told me that she liked my blog and would have to make time to read more of it. I was blown away. Then a short time later I was checking my facebook page and she had found me and requested that we be friends. I was overwhelmed that she would do that. :) Who is it? None other than Marlaine Verhelst. If you don't know who this is I encourage you to go and see her dolls. Here's the link to her blog. I have always loved her work. I think you will to (if you don't already). Well don't just sit there...go look! LOL!

I have just realized that I have two more new followers! YAY! It would seem that I am some how gathering steam! LOL!
Welcome to Nina, you can see her blog here. Her dolls are just too cute!
And welcome to Louisa at Needful Friends. Some wonderful bears! 
Thank you both for being part of my little corner of the world! 
I really appreciate all the people who pop in to visit. I just have to figure out how to server coffee or tea through the computer now.....hahaha. It's like having people stop by for a visit at the kitchen table. :)

I guess that's all for now. I will look and see if I have enough latex to do a test on Forrest. I'm sure I'll 'see' you all before the weekend is out. Until then...

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!


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