Sunday, February 05, 2012

Full Plate!

Hi All!
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Been busy, busy, busy. Only gonna be more so in the next couple months. :)  Can't wait!

Let's see....hhhhmmmmmm.....
Work was hectic this past week (and the week before). We switched over from regular phones to VoIP. That's voice over IP. They're all network phones now. So I've been running around prepping things and then testing and checking. And testing and checking. And testing and checking. PHEW! Fortunately, it seems we have most of the issues worked out. Now it's just a matter of getting the users used to the phones. You would think that the phones came from Mars the way some people act. I mean, the are just phones. They work the same way. They just connect differently. I figure by the time we get everyone set with them...they'll change something else. HA!

Went to see the tax lady this weekend. WOW! I was expecting her to be busy, she always is, but there was already people in the parking lot when we got there. I was there at 7:30. She doesn't open til 9. There was at least a half a dozen cars there and people pulling in right behind us. By the time she got there I would say there was a good 30 people waiting for her. BUT, she's really good at what she does. Been going to her for four years now and she never ceases to amaze me. :)  So that's one chore down. YAY!!

Got my new glasses on Saturday too. Man do I feel old. My last pair were 'progressives'. That three different lenses crammed into a pair of glasses. This time I opted to not get the distance since it's so small I really don't need it. So the tech talked me into getting split line bifocals. Talk about getting used to it. It's gonna take a while. The line in the middle is still making me crazy. I's only been a day. What can I say? I'm impatient. I am getting used to it though. I'm starting to 'look' where I need to in order to see. My new ones are for mid-range (computer work) and close up. It is nice to be able to clearly see things again. :)

And then, Hobby Lobby called me. My manikin heads came in. Yippee!! I went to pick some up at the store but the ones they had looked like someone played hockey with them. Big chunks missing, no noses, the sides caved in....they were bad. So they ordered me two and promised me they wouldn't look like the ones on the shelves. And they didn't!
What do I need manikin heads for? Masks of course. I think I'm going to sculpt my mask for DragonCon. I think it's going to be a half mask...just above the lower lip. Horns and all. Along the lines of a masquerade mask. And I believe I'm opting for the 'Marquee' dress. Big cuffs, lots of ruffles, obnoxious colors, etc.....
two heads are better than one. soon to be covered in clay

I've been working on Forrest as well. He's is progressing nicely! I got all his sculpting done. Finished that up on Friday night. And tonight, after working in the yard - getting things ready to finish my fence, I did his mold. Wow did I forget how much of a mess I make with potter's plaster. No, you don't understand....I make a MESS! Good thing I had a slab of wood on my table. I got plaster everywhere....on the floor, on the chair, all over the table. It's going to take me another day just to clean it up. I am waiting for it to completely set...right now....while I'm writing this! I'm excited...and nervous! It's not the first time I've done a mold but I'm always scared something will happen. Bubbles, scratches, who knows what else. I've got another 15 minutes or so before it's ready to be de-molded. Keep your fingers crossed! In the mean time, here's some photos to bring you up to date....
Forrest getting some 'texture'

eyeballs, horns and all. ready for the mold process

i used more clay for the mold walls then for Forrest

plaster of choice. No. 1 Pottery Plaster

looks like a cake i made when i was 8.  LOL!!

Well, I guess that's all for now....about to go release Forrest from his mold. Wish me luck!

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Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!



  1. Looks like you pretty busy with life!! The idea for molds was suggested to me as a faster way to make pieces of favorites . I'll have to do more research on mold making I guess...Thanks for the pictures of your process.

  2. Yes Ma'am, I have. You seem to be very busy too! Your Wumbwies would be perfect for molding (hint, hint). Just a thought :)