Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lil' kins, lil' tomatoes and lil' dolls!

Good Wednesday Evening To You All!
Holy Cow! How on Earth did a week and a half get by me? I was thinking this weekend would be a week.....yeah, right. Wow.
Been a busy week and a half.....and I still feel like I haven't gotten a thing accomplished. Even though, now that I look around at the mess that is my studio, I realize I have.
Anyway, shall we get started?
Yes, yes we shall. :)

Let's see now.....
I think we will start with a BC&P update:
The larger plants have gotten larger. The smaller ones have grown some but not much. I took a couple of photos this past Sunday (which I will share in just a minute). I noticed today when I was watering them that I have the start of flowers. YAY! I believe there are two small 'nodes' that will become pumpkins if they can last through the heat and wait for the flowers. They are tiny, little things.
The broom corn is doing least on one side. I'm not sure why but one corner seems to be growing at a much better rate than the other. I guess at this point that only time will tell. *fingers crossed*

the plant right in the middle has two 'nodes'

the ones on the right seem to be growing faster?

I snuck next door this past weekend and took a couple of pictures of my neighbors pumpkin patch too! She already has orange pumpkins. They aren't very big and now that they've changed colors I don't think they will get any larger. I think she has a few more that are starting so hopefully they will get bigger!

Amy's pumpkin patch  :)

one of the lil' guys up close

Speaking of my neighbors, Barry gave me some cherry tomatoes a couple of days ago. They are yummy! I've been eating them just as they are and I put some in with my tuna fish lunch for work today. Thanks Barry!

garden fresh cherry tomatoes! tasty! :)

My batch of mead is still bubbling along. Ya know, a year is going to kill me! I think this weekend will be the first racking. I've been watching the bottom of the jug....the yeast husks are collecting nicely. They kind of remind me of sand at the bottom of a bottle. This stuff is going to be so good!

yeast husks on the bottom - one of the reasons for racking

This past weekend I made a trip to Tandy Leather. Yes, it's a trip....over an hour to get there. But it's usually worth it. And this time was no exception. I get a free stamp because of my membership. I also got a spool of lacing from the monthly coupon. Win - win!! I picked up a piece of leather for my hat. I also picked up a piece of suede for the vest/jerkin/doublet that I will be making. Yes, these are for DragonCon. Which is speeding at me like a run away train. Got to get moving on these projects! Good thing I have my manikin made already. I'm thinking a 'woodsy' look for the jerkin. I want to 'lace up' the side instead of sewing them. I have the idea for the hooves firmly planted in my brain now too. I just have to get them down on paper so that I can start making them as well. Yes, I know, that's a lot to get done. But, this being my first year at DragonCon, it has to be spectacular! LOL

orangey-rust suede and leather. waiting to become an
amazing costume!

I've been working on the 'Moxie Kit' that I got from Susie! First let me say that I have newly found respect for all the artist out there that work 'smaller'. Between fumbling fingers and being blind as a bat....well, WOW! I know understand why doll makers say 'if you can, sew before you cut'. I got one of the legs sewn and cut and thought I would scream before I got that far. Then my daughter's dog decided he liked it so much he would chew on it and add his touch to it. It took everything I had not to strangle him. I got two bodies sewn and stuffed. Some how I managed to get one that is shorter than the other. I have no idea how I managed it but I did - you'll see it in the photos. I have gotten the faces sanded, cleaned and the material applied -  they are drying right now from the watered down glue. Hopefully I will be able to get a coat or two of gesso applied tomorrow. The idea for my 'faerie' is becoming clearer. I came across a photo of an endangered frog the other day that just clicked. It was a pale green with even paler yellow throughout and white speckles all over it. I do beleve, at this moment, that will be my color pallete. I hope I can find the material that I want at JoAnn's! The other is kind of still creeping around the corners of my brain.....haven't gotten a good look at her yet! She keeps hinting but nothing solid yet. You know how some dolls scream "that's me", well this one is whispering. Maybe I will find the right material and it will just fall into place. Hey, I can dream! LOL

one leg, that is no more

two bodies. cut at the same time and yet somehow
one is shorter than the other. can you see it?

the faces part way through the material application

I have to squeeze in some Wee Stuffie time this coming week. They are starring at me in disbelief. Like I've somehow forgotten them. I have not done any sculpting this past week. I just haven't had the urge to do it. However, I am feeling a definate artistic surge coming. Do you get those? I will end up running aroung like a fool doing a hundred things at once. Don't get in the way, cause I will run you over. LOL
I think I will organize everything into little 'groups' so that when this hits I will be ready. I will let you know how that comes out. :)

I guess that's all for this post. Perhaps in the next post I will have a few things completed! Yes, I know, it sounds like wishful thinking but I think I may actually be able to pull it off!

til next time....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

this is post 116. I seem to be stuck at 33. :(  oh well, there's always tomorrow!