Sunday, July 06, 2014


Good Morrow Friends!
Hope you all have been well since last we visited.
I have been...slacking, terribly on my blog duties. Did you miss me? I certainly missed you. I haven't been keeping up with my blog or any others (head down, frowny face). :(  Just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I think I shall buy a timer and set it. Otherwise I will certainly be on the computer for hours and hours. I see that many of you have been wonderfully creative as of late. That brings a huge smile to face. And of course, makes me realized that my project list is HUGE!

There has been so much going on that I don't even know where to start...
I think rather than bore you to death with the details I will just do a recap...maybe throw in a picture or two for good measure.

The flower circle and the strawbale garden are doing well. I have tomatoes, peppers and as of yesterday, the start of a watermelon. The pumpkin vines are everywhere, but alas, no pumpkins yet.

My fruit trees are doing well too. We actually got a plum! It was delicious. Of course I sliced my finger cutting it up.

I have a new project that I hope to have completed for Halloween (you knew I was going to say, didn't you). I won't give away too much right now, but I am excited about it. I also have to figure out some way of keeping things dry, since it seems to like to rain on me every year.

I was a victim of Identity Fraud. Apparently someone in Detroit used my name and social security to open a Comcast account. Which they then ran up to $1000. Nothing like an 8am telephone call from a collection agency. Still trying to figure out how they got my phone number, in Georgia,  from an account in Michigan. Finally got it straightened out after four days trying to get an actual person on the phone from Comcast.

We had a weekend trip to jail. And are now dealing with the consequences of. Not going into details, but it is something that I don't want to ever repeat.

The computer that I use for my artwork crashed and died. I am still trying to piece that all back together. I'm hoping that I don't have too many issues trying to reload all of my programs. **fingers crossed**

I was so wrapped up in all the issues going on that I missed - yes, missed completely - the Litha (Summer Solstice). It was a couple days later that I realized that it had passed.

We celebrated my grandson's birthday. Lawton turned 9 this year. Doesn't seem possible.

Celebrated the fourth with our neighbors - bar-b-que, pool, music and sunshine.
And Kennedy's first sparklers. She was awestruck. She wasn't thrilled with the BOOMS from the local fireworks (she could hear them but not see them).

What else?
Oh, my doctor now has me on medication for my cholesterol and blood sugar. Yippee. More pills. On the plus side my blood pressure has been down. The cholesterol pills smell horrible. And don't taste too good either. :)

We had several family and friends in the hospital during this period too.

Sally had surgery on her wrist (her second one) - which is healing very well.

And she managed to slice her ear open. Even had to get stitches. In her ear, ouch!

cactus flowers

lots of flowers in the circle

Lawton's 9th birthday party
complete with magic tricks and fireworks

Kennedy's first fourth - sparklers galore

my wife's trip to Michigan -
my sister and my nephew

I do believe that's all. 
Off to do laundry, take the trash to the dump and basically run in circles. HA!
I will see you all next time.

til then....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

(you know there's only 116 days left, right?)

I asked this once before but never got a response...what are your opinions of a video blog? 
Yay / Nay? Something I am contemplating. Let me know what you think.

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