Sunday, October 05, 2014

Good Morning All!

Well, so much for not letting my blog get behind again....
What can I say? Not much! Not going to make excuses - mainly because they all sound lame when I say them out loud! All I can say is "Missed You All!"

Don't even know where to begin...So I think I will just start with the current things.

HALLOWEEN! (what? did you expect something else?)
I put up the decorations yesterday. The yard looks great. And all the spookies can't wait for the kids to come calling.
I have been working on a vest for THE NIGHT! And it coming along well. It took a few tries with the pattern though. I did a couple of run throughs with muslin to make sure, glad I did. The first cut fit my manikin perferctly! Not so much me. Apparently, I'm not the same size as I was. :(  So I made some modifications and finally got it to fit. I'm using 'Nevermore' (Poe inspired) material and 'Black Magic Damask' in Green. I still have some finishing to do - including hemming and buttons. I think I'm going to make the buttons since I can't find what I'm looking for.
from the driveway

up the stairs...
my grand daughter was helping
she got her screwdrivers out
and was fixing the coffin from
inbetween the railings

up the the dark

the Big Guy hoovering over the bushes

Devil in a box

vest front
it 'hangs' terribly on the manikin

vest back

I have some new items in my Etsy Shop as well! Goodie bags for all the little ghosts and goblins. They just have to have something to carry all that candy around, right? You can check it out here. They're all around 20 inches deep (tall) and have a 10 inch round bottom with black pull strings. Feel free to share it with everyone you know!

And of course, Jack made his annual trip to work and is smiling on his new perch next to my office door! He even has lights this year! And a mat!
Happy Jack!

What Else?...

My grandson, Rylee, was officially diagnoised with autism recently. Now we can finally get him the attention he deserves! He's so full of energy! 
Rylee, waiting for his doctor

And my grand daughter, Kennedy, has a big girl bed now. She was done with her crib and made it clear that she wanted something else.
ready for bed

I managed to get my plants repotted. I had to put my cactus in a new pot - it had really grown this summer and needed more space. And all the little plants that needed their own space.
my poor cacuts...
in it's new pot and
all it's little friends

I had some success with my strawbale garden...not as much as I was hoping for but some.....

watermelons and Carolina Gold tomatoes

Indigo Rose tomatoes and 
Dragon Cyanne

And the latest batch of mead...

I found a faerie on the back porch too! Poor little thing...didn't make the rain.

I even made an ACEO. Turned out pretty darn good too!

happy little skeleton

I think that's where I will draw this to a close. There were hundreds of other little things but I don't want to put anyone to sleep. LOL 

I will leave you with this... 
Kennedy Halloween Shopping!

Til Next Time..
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

See you all soon!


  1. Doood welcome back. Happy October!

    Boy you sure make a lot of stuff. I think you just might be a maker, heh heh!

    Wanna try your meade. Is it int he Etsy shop? Heh heh!

    1. A very Merry October to you as well! mead in the Etsy shop. Can I do that? HA!

  2. Ha! the Absent Ron Anger! Good to see something from you appearing in my blogroll!

    1. Thanks Susie! It's nice to be noticed. :) I've really been enjoying your new stuff - it's fantastic!