Sunday, October 26, 2014

Delusions of the Bizarre Vermeer!

Good Day All!
Today's post is brought to you by the letter "S" -
for sneezes, sniffles and such. Not to forget Sick.
Yes, less than a week away from the greatest holiday on the planet...I have managed to catch something. I've been in flannel pajamas since I got home on Saturday from work. It's been glorious, can't you tell? LOL  I feel absolutely horrendous, even after several doses of NyQuil. It looks like another early to bed night - likely the moment I am done with this post.

I do hope that everyone else is holding up well as we slide into the few days before Halloween. Can't have everyone sick, now can we?

I think we shall work backwards tonight....

Sally and I made our trip to Sam's Club for the collecting of this years goodies. Since Halloween is on a Friday this year, we picked up an extra box of chocolates for all the little critters.
this years selection of Halloween goodies

Friday evening, our neighbor Amy, had us over for a Halloween bash - bonfire and all! Amy got dressed up and Sally did too. Al and Livy were dressed as well. I never managed to get to my costume. Various other things kept me running back and forth all night. We did have a good time though. The fire was nice and toasty - along with the majority of the guests. ;)  I have no pictures of the party...hhmmmmm? I wonder if Sally or Amy got any? Will have to check on that one.

I noticed my 'Mother's Tongue' had a new flower. I wasn't aware that they flowered at all. It's kind of nice though. What do you think?

Amy surprised me with a gift early in the week as well. Apparently there was a 'garage sale' in front of her flower shop with all kinds of things - including costumes. It's a gorgeous conquistador helmet made entirely of leather. It was a fantastic surprise! Thanks Amy!
wonderful surprise!

I have come across some really fantastic websites in the last week or so while diligently searching for Halloween related items. There is Immortal Masks, which has some really cool silicone masks. Maybe someday I can afford one? I like the Count, Oni and the Satyr...

The Count



Then there was Delusion...which looks to be an amazing theatrical experience. I believe they are on the west coast. Which is a real bummer - I would love to go to this! It's an interactive experience. You actually play a part in the story. Up close and personal. Spooky!!

Then I came across THIS
this is the closest thing I have seen to what I want to do. I would freak out at the chance to put on an annual show along these lines. This one is in Detroit. I would be super tempted to go if I still lived in Michigan. It looks unbelievable! The link above is for the story - from Hour Detroit. This link is for the venue itself. Take a peek...don't be scared!

And now for a complete side track....
Has anyone else seen this? It's a documentary on Vermeer's painting technique. I happened across it when I was flipping channels - hundreds of stations and nothing on. The man involved recreated everything down to the tiniest of details. The technique is quite painstaking and drawn out. I am an artist - so it never occurred to me that the artists of that time period wouldn't use what was available. I mean really, do you really believe that DaVinci or MichealAngelo wouldn't take advantage of digital instruments if they were alive today? I loved watching the painting come to life. But what really blew my mind was the fact that this man created a replica of where Vermeer painted in order to prove his point. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It captured my spirit to the point that I seriously want to try a painting like this. 
Vermeer - you must see this documentary

Well All...
I do believe that will be the end of this post. The congestion is creeping back in and I'm having a hell of a time concentrating on anything.

Have a fantastic week! Only a few more days til the Great Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch! 

til next time...
Be Good, Be Happy, Be Safe!!

p.s. - there are still a few goodie bags left in my ETSY shop (see upper right hand corner of blog)! 
Time is of the essence!


  1. In this order:-
    I'm sorry you're sick. :/ I love that leather morion. I wish I was coming round to get some chocolate. Is the Vermeer thing on Netflix? I'm going to check out the masks and the Theatre of the Bizarre looks amazing.

    Happy Halloween to you, and I hope you feel better soon! Oh, and two (2!) giveaways on my blog. Hint.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes - still blah, but not as much! I will save you some chocolate! I'm not sure about Netflix - will have to look. On my way to your place now....:)