Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Bit Of The Old And A Lot Of The New

Good Day To You All!

I hope that everyone has been doing well since last we visited...
Things have been progressing. Slowly but steadily forward. So far hurdles have not been totally insurmountable. Just going to take some getting used to and making necessary changes. No pity parties...can't won't do it. Thanks for all the support from everyone! It is greatly appreciated!

as promised, pictures of what has been going on and what I've been working on.

Amy gave me a birdhouse, when she was making them. It was a prototype. I painted, stenciled, added a perch and a metal roof (scrap from work). I am very pleased with the results and it looks great hanging outside.

I also managed to get some vegetables from my small garden. That was until I had unexpected guests who seemed to like my tomatoes. The little buggers destroyed my tomato plants. It took me forever to realize that it wasn't a large critter (like the rabbit I thought it was). Turns out it was hornworms. Who knew that they left poop a quarter of the size of themselves? Not me! Unfortunately they ate 98% of the leaves and half of the tomatoes that were growing. And no, I don't mean 2 of 4 tomatoes, I mean half of every tomato that was there. BLAH!!

these are some of what I got...
couple of cukes and a few peppers

this is one of the little bastards that ate like a king...

I have been working on my oil painting, slowly, but working none the less. I have also gotten some interest from another potential buyer. She has fallen in love with the in-process photos and wants me to sell it to her directly. I may have to start another to make up for it. We shall see how it progresses.

so good!

I have a new grandchild! Her name is Madison Paige. She was born August 13. 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. Almost identical to her big sister. And the two of them look so much alike. Baby pictures of the two of them when side by side look like the same child. Momma is doing fine and very proud.
This brings my total to six! Am I really that old? Hhhhmmmmm. Could be! :)

sleeping like a baby!

And lastly....
Watch for a BIG announcement. Coming soon! I can hardly wait to show it to you all!!
In the next couple of days -


That's all for now. 
Until next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!


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