Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Hello Boils And Ghouls!!

It doesn't seem possible but it's almost that time again!


Yes, I said it...Halloween!

As anyone who knows me will attest that this is my favorite time of the year.
The colors, the smells, the chill in the air.
I am also a Creative (Artist)...
and this year I have a new offering for your enjoyment.

I have created two unique Halloween Greeting Cards.
Halloween is only second to that other holiday.
It's time to take Our Beloved Day to the next level!

In this time of digital everything, it's refreshing to receive a
physical, hold in your hands greeting from a friend or relative.
There is nothing better than going to the mailbox and finding a
greeting from someone that isn't a bill or advertisement.

That being said, I am offering two unique, complete wrap around
Halloween Cards to send a special greeting to those important to you,
I am also including Halloween stickers to seal the envelope 
with even more holiday cheer.

The package includes Six (6) Halloween cards
(Three (3) of each design)
Six (6) BriteHue Orange Envelopes (ORANGE!)
Six (6) stickers to seal the envelopes (or whatever you wish to adhere them to)
AND Six (6) postage stamps (you don't even have to go to the post office)
Everything you need to make someone's day!

Halloween Sticker (without the watermark of course)

I hope you will join me in making this Halloween Season
the best it can be!

My goal is to spread Halloween Cheer to as many as possible.
I have 83 card sets to be sent out.
Only YOU can help me reach my goal!

Help Me To Make This The Best Halloween Season Ever!
Please pass this offer on!

Available in my Etsy Shop!

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