125 Posts Giveaway

This is my opportunity to say Thank You to all the folks out there that stop by and listen to me rant, mumble, laugh, giggle and generally just have a good time. I have made some amazing friends (it says 'followers' but I prefer friends) and am looking forward to making more. That is the idea behind this giveaway. I think that needs to be said upfront....my goal is to invite more people into my web, er, blog. I enjoy conversing with people that I normally wouldn't get the chance to speak with. I also find, being an artist, that it's nice to have a wider variety of people to 'bounce' ideas off of or to ask for input on various projects.
The last 'giveaway' that I attempted was a colossal flop. :(  But I do believe that was just poor planning on my part. So, I am going to attempt to correct those issues with this one. The last go round didn't have any 'rules'...not to worry, though. This one does. So I think that is where we will start.......

*125 Post Rules*

1) You must be a friend (follower) of my blog.
If you are - GREAT!
If you are not - well, what are you waiting for?
Become one. It's simple and painless. :)

2) You must do a post about the giveaway.
It can be a simple post,
it can be an extravagant post,
it can be the 4th of July on your pc! 
Please use the image
above to place in your post.

3) However, You must include in your post
a Halloween picture - one from your past.
It can be a recent past (last Halloween) or
one from your childhood.
Yes, I know that seems like an odd request...
but for those of you that already read my blog,
well, you know
where Halloween ranks on my list.
For those of you who are new to me....
all I can say is -
You've been warned. :)
question about the photo...
no, it doesn't have to be a 'costume' photo, it
can be your yard decorations, your mantle decor,
your pumpkins (jack-o-lanterns), etc. It just
needs to be yours. :)

4) After you have posted about the giveaway
and put up your Halloween memories...
please comment back to this page with your link. That way everyone can share,
make new friends
and collectively come to the conclusion
that I am quite insane.
But it's a good insane ;)

5) Then on October 1st I will put every one's
name in a hat (hopefully there will be
enough names for a hat - unlike last time)
and draw the winner.

See, those weren't terrible rules.
Easy to follow and execute.
I cannot wait to see all the
Halloween memories from everyone.
It's gonna be Spooktacular!
(don't roll your eyes, I saw you).

What is the giveaway? That's a good question.
The answer is -
a 45 inch reversible Halloween table runner
complete in it's own hand made box.
And yes, it was my hands that made them both. :)

One last rule -
6) The winner must post a picture of the
winnings in use! After the table runner is
received just snap a pic and comment it back
to the post. That way everyone can see it
and be in awe of it's Halloween-i-ness!
(yes, I know, I'm strange. But if you
haven't figured that out already -
don't fret, you will).

Good Luck and I Can't Wait To Meet YOU!

the table runner and it's own custom box


~ Players and their posts ~


Dreamspirations Gallery

The Deadwood Cemetery

I swear I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached - I posted on the main pages
about the winner and completely forgot to post it here!  Sorry.
The winner of the drawing is Summer from Dreamspirations Gallery!

Thanks to everyone who played - and too all of those who stopped by
to peak at the blog!  :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Miss B!
      great photo!
      I appreciate the write up too! :)

    2. Happy to do it!

  2. Sorry Ron I can't enter your competition I have no photo to post !! but good luck -hope you get loads more folowers

    1. Aaawwwwww! no carved pumpkin pics? no Halloween decorations? Bummer! :(

  3. It will take me until October to dig out a Halloween photo. Yes, I am that disorganized. But I hope to be back!

    1. Can't wait to see it! Hurry back! :)

  4. Hey Ron,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have posted about the giveaway!

    1. Thank You! Great photo!