Saturday, January 07, 2012

NC 17 + Magic

Good Saturday Mornin' to y'all!
I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable (at least tolerable) week. It was a hectic and long one - especially since it was a four day week. I have been working on this, that and the other this past week. Some completed projects, some not. Many, many, many ideas running through my head for the up coming months. :)

So, I think I will start with the completed ones......
Harley is finished. YAY! He's quite adorable, even if I do say so myself! His face, wings, hat and hair are finished and he's sitting here looking very pleased with himself. Wanna see? Of course you do....
Harley's new hat (and hair)

Harley sitting with Forrest (who's head is now attached)

Isn't he cute? I am very happy with how he turned out. I think he is too. 

Now, who knew that Forrest was into bondage. Got your attention now, didn't I? :)  I was prepping Forrest for his paperclay work and it made me laugh when I thought of this little guy 'tied' up. He's not happy about it but is being very cooperative about the whole ordeal. I have also managed to get the base for his hooves and eyes cut from styrofoam. That way they're not heavy but sturdy. And I don't have to use a butt load of paperclay or wait weeks for it to completely dry. I'm including some shots so you can continue to see his progress....
Forrest all wrapped up for some fun ;)

basic shapes for his hooves and eyes

Forrest totally wrapped ~ head to toe

Last night (Friday) was the season premiere of MERLIN! It seems like it's been forever since the last season. I am thrilled that it's back on! Yes, I geeky-ness is showing. I don't care...I like the show and it was worth waiting for. Who knows, maybe I'll even pick up some ideas for costuming for the RenFest or DragonCon. I mean, even in the first show of the season they have attempted to kill off Merlin ~ Now, of course, we all know that's not gonna fly. But we'll have to wait and see how they're going to get out of this one.  :)  I love the locations they shoot at and the costumes (speaking of which, a whole 'nother subjet. See below). I think I should have been born in the 'Camelot' period (wait....maybe I was...hhhmmmmm). Can you imagine living then? I know it wasn't easy, but it just seems so much simpler and much more laid back. I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a castle? LOL!
Camelot (I could spend a week just wandering around this place)

Merlin ~ played by Colin Morgan

Arthur ~ played by Bradley James

Merlin is a Syfy channel import from England. So they are always behind in the shows. I do believe season 4 (the new one) has already shown, or is episodes ahead over there. I know that some of the fans were getting  quite restless about when Syfy would begin the new season. Can't wait for more... :P

In my quest for a pattern for a doublet / jerkin I have come across some absolutely stunning ones. Some are very simplistic and others are totally over the top. I've been trying to keep my head about what I want to make. I'm afraid that if I go too 'fancy' I will never get it completed in time. But I don't want to go too basic either.....all these dilemmas. Wouldn't things be so much easier if all we had to worry about was what we were going to wear? I think I just heard a collective sigh from all the women out there. LOL!
Anyway, after searching and searching, and being overwhelmed by all the beautiful work, I came across this guy...Rober in Ojai. His work is stunning! His costumes make me extremely jealous. He also does sculptures, baking and wonderful masks. His jerkins have filled my head with many ideas. Hopefully, I can pull them off. Ha! I've included his flickr page (above) so you can see more of what he does. And (below) I've added some of the photos that I really like.

aren't these freakin' fantastic?

this mask has truly inspired me ~ maybe for the RenFest

this is one that he custom made for a customer

Makes me want to run out and start buying material to use. I can't quite tell what his masks are made first I thought they were leather. But after a closer look they appear to be more 'material'. I think I'm going to send him an email and tell him how much I like his masks and jerkins. Who knows, maybe he'll share some secrets with me. :)

I got an email this week from Costumes and Trim. I get the newsletter from them and I am always amazed at what they have to share. You should go and check them out when you get a chance. Anyway, in the latest newsletter they are gearing up for a trip / class. OMFG! I want to go to this so badly. But, alas, it is too far out of my reach (by my latest financial calculations). They are having their class in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy. I would love to be there! They will be there during the Archidado Festival. It's a medieval festival. I'm sure it will be simply amazing. They are using it as a backdrop for costume making for dolls. I can only imagine the inspiration that will come out of this setting. Anyone want to send me to Italy? I'm open to donations and charity. And I am not above begging. LOL! I've posted the link to Adele's page. You will have to go and look for yourselves as I am not sure about the 'sharing' thing. You have to be a member to get the newsletter so I don't want to step on any toes. But, it's worth the time to go and look! 

this is a shot from one of the classes
(I don't think this will hurt - it's on the
'classes' page of the main site)  :)

I see I have two new followers....YAY!
Hi Mary Ann! I love your blogs! The mice are so cute! And Russell is adorable!
Hi Perdita!
So glad you all could join me!!

I guess that's all for now.
Be Good, Be Safe and Be Happy!



  1. Thank you for the lovely welcome Ron:)
    Harley is so adorable. He has such a cheeky little face. His name reminds me of the Agatha Christie character Harley Quinn.

    I agree...I would so love to go to Italy and take a class from Adele.

  2. You are very welcome Mary Ann ~ I am always very appreciative of all my followers. It's nice to know there's someone out there. :)

    Agatha Christie? Wow, all this time I thought Harley Quinn was Batman! LOL!! just kidding. hahaha

  3. Actually I spelled the name should be Harley N. Agatha Christie had a whole series of short stories about the mysterious Harley Quin that she wrote in the 30's:) He always showed up in the life of the main character of the story when something mysterious was about to happen. The main character would then save the day and then HQ would disappear.

  4. Learn something new everyday! :)
    Harley sounds like an Angel (of the guardian type).
    I wonder if any Agatha is buried in my mothers books.....I'll have to check. I know my mother read her.

  5. You have been very busy-Love Harley-hes so cute How do find working with paperclay?-kind of on the expensive side -well for me anyway 'cos I have to buy from U.S.Where do you sell -do you do markets or what Ron-better go my bowl of soup is calling!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Patricia!
    Yes I have been busy. It feels good too!
    Lots of ideas floating around my head - like Atlanta traffic. HA!
    I've used paperclay for various projects in the past and like it a lot. I've never used it for this purpose so we'll see how much I like it afterwards.
    And yes, it is expensive. Even without adding shipping costs to it.
    I haven't sold my dolls of yet. Harley and Forrest will be my first two to go the 'professional' route. Most of my sales have been friends and family. I think I'm going to go with Etsy. They seem to be suited to what I'm trying to do. Wish me luck.
    Soup sounds good. It's cold and rainy here.
    talk to ya soon!

  7. Patricia ~
    thanks for the compliments on Harley!
    they are deeply appreciated!

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