Friday, January 13, 2012

Sad little Friday....

Hi Everyone!
Hope this has been a good week for you.
It was a pretty decent one on my end. Til today anyway.....

My baby leaves for California tomorrow morning. 7:30 am.  :(
She's going to finish up school and get her license. I'm happy for her but I'm going to miss her a whole lot!
She's excited and I'm glad...but it doesn't make it any easier to know that she'll be on the west coast. One of my co-workers told me today that I should just get an apartment in California and be done with it. I wish I was in a position to do that. But alas, I am not.
My daughter told me today that this day was just dragging by.....I said no, it's flying. It'll be weird for a while, again. Until I get used to her not being in the house.
Okay, enough of that.....or I'm gonna be depressed.

Guess what we had last night? Give up? Snow! Well, flurries. Nothing stuck. But it was still really strange to see it. I was shocked. As were the dogs....they just looked at me like "what is this stuff?"  It's been really cold the last couple of days. Down to 25 last night. I know, some of you are thinking "that's cold?" Well, here in middle Georgia, it is! Considering that three days ago it was 68 degrees. The high today was 45. I've had enough winter now, someone can turn up the heat! :)  LOL

Did anyone watch Face Off? The new season started this past Wednesday. It was really good. Very inspirational. The new contestants seem very talented. I think that SyFy should change up the judges though. I mean, they are quite talented and very accomplished. But.....if they're gonna to have new contestants they should at least have some new judges. Ve Neill and Patrick Tatopoulos are both 'helpful'. They give great constructive criticism. Glenn Hetrick on the other hand is simply a jerk. He wants to rip everything apart and offers no insight. I'd be hard pressed not to hand it right back to him. This season looks like it's going to be good though. They started off with a boy versus girl contest. The women had their sh*t together right from the word go. The men struggled but managed to do some decent work. Ultimately, the women won. They reworked the Wizard of Oz characters. I really liked the witches from both teams. The women's scarecrow was awesome. The lion from both teams were really good too. The tin man...well, they both sucked. In fact, that's what got the first person sent home. If you like being should watch. There are some really great ideas and some fantastic artist.


here comes da judge....
Gleen, Ve, and Patrick

season 2 contestants

Speaking of creative (hows that for a segway?).....
Forrest is coming along fantastic! He's been extremely cooperative throughout the whole process (so far).
I have gotten his hooves sculpted, painted, glossed, attached and furred. I am thrilled with how they have come out. I'm getting really excited about beginning his face. I'm hoping that I can get out what I have in my head....there's a lot of jumbled up thoughts running wild about what he should look like. But I have a few definites that will be put in....
the hooves ~ sculpted, painted (flat black) and glossed

Forrest ~ waiting for his nails to dry   :)

waiting for the adhesive to dry on the 'fur'

side shot. look pretty good, don't they?

and a front shot

I picked up a new (new to me, anyway) magazine this week too. It's called Stuffed - the crafting of softies.
I've thumbed through it a few times and have been really impressed with what I've seen. I'm hoping to sit down and read it this weekend. I'll let you know if there's anything extremely interesting in it.

gotta read it!

Got me one more new follower too! YAY!
Hi Marijke!
I didn't see a blog from Marijke. So I guess at this point it's just HI!!  :)
Thanks for following along!

This happened this week too.....Tuesday, I think.....Can you guess what it is?

did you guess?
it looks like a picture of the moon that i took...
but it's not.
believe it or not, it's a street light that i can see 
from my back porch. the fog was so thick it
added an eerie glow to everything. 
i thought it was kind of cool looking. :)

I guess that's about it for this post. Wish me luck getting through tomorrow. Hopefully my wife and my daughter will keep the waterworks under control at the airport. Otherwise, they may get me going. *fingers crossed*

till then...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!



  1. It's so hard when your kids leave home...I feel for you:( My youngest is now married with his own home and has a little girl...I still miss him around the house. The only consolation is I now have a granddaughter to spoil:)

    Forrest is starting to take his hoofs:)

  2. hi ron
    thats strange..
    but my blog is
    love to read your blog!!
    greetings marijke

  3. Thanks for the sympathy Mary Ann. The house is so quite (except for the dogs LOL). It's just weird knowing that she's not just down the hall.
    And YES, Grandchildren are a wonderful son has 3 children. :)

    Forrest is sitting here starring at me from across the room. I scribbled some ideas for his face down hopefully soon!! :)

  4. Miss Marijke,
    It must have been my PC. I looked again and it took forever but it finally showed up!
    And I must say that I adore your site. You have some stunning attire on your site!
    The 1915 dress and the 18th C blue velvet headress have put ideas in my head for some new dollies!
    Thank you for reading my blog. It's a wonderful feeling to know there's somebody out there. :)
    Isn't Rober's jerkins fabulous?

  5. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Glenn is soooo sexy

  6. Glenn Please. He looks like a poorly dressed homeless guy. That whole look is comical. A real Rob Zombie wantabee. And he always gives off this terrible "my shit doesn't stink" attitude. Not one shred of humility in him in the least.