Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Feel So.......

Well, kinda, sorta, maybe. Almost.
Nah, it's been a good weekend!
I hope yours has been good too!

Worked in the yard. Got the fence completed! Yay! Yippee! Hurray!
Looks pretty damn good too! Put up pickets to go with the arbor that I had built. Added a 4x6 post in the middle for the bird feeder. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Got the brick in place across the keep the rain from washing away the dirt underneath. I can let my 'buppies' out without them leaving the yard or all the neighborhood dogs coming into my yard. It's really nice! The only thing that is left to do is..... power wash it and seal it. That will be done when the porch gets done. It will all match. I just have to wait for it to get warm and stay warm. Finished it not a minute too's supposed to rain tomorrow. So it will now be full of all that wonderful red Georgia clay. I'm excited....yeah, right.

gotta pressure wash and seal it and hopefully get some grass to grow

I worked on Forrest too! I am really excited about how he's looking. I got his eyes and horns painted. And I must say they look great! For his eyes I used Primary Yellow, Chromium Oxide Green, Yellow Ochre and Halo Blue-Gold. Little lines over a base of black. Then for the pupil I used Copper Beads in a Bottle. It's a paint that beads up and 'domes' over. For his horns I used Titan Buff and then dry brushed Taupe over it. I painted #2's horns while I was waiting for #1's to dry. I used Titan Buff and then dry brushed Yellow Ochre and Taupe over the top. Then I sealed his eyes and horns with two coats of gloss varnish. Now I have to decide the color scheme for his face. I think I'm going to stay with the greens. Maybe some browns....a few blues and yellows I think. Gotta stay in the Forest Faun theme. Anyway, here's some photos so you can see for yourselves.....

first coats of gesso...white and black (still wet)

eye colors - Primary Yellow, Chromium Oxide Green, Yellow Ochre and Halo Blue-Gold

the two of them can see both of their horns

a close up of Forrest's eyes. you can see the 'bead' and the gloss 

This afternoon my neighbors brought me trees! There are two out front. And then I planted three more on the side. For the life of me I can't remember what kind they are. They're just little bitty things right now. But they will look nice when the grow. Too bad that doesn't happen faster. LOL! I have some pretty damn good neighbors.

And....I got my plants repotted today too! They needed larger pots. They are doing so well and growing so fast. My Mom would be proud of me. I haven't manged to kill them off. My Mom didn't have a green thumb... she was just green. She could walk into a room and all the plants would perk up. Don't laugh, it's true. The women in our neighborhood used to bring their dying plants to my mother and she would bring them back a week later looking better than they ever did. My Mom was the woman who passed out clippings to everyone that visited the house. You'd never know she had cut any of her plants. The house always looked like a terrarium. I miss her an awful lot. Here's a photo of the bay window with the birdhouse terrarium and the newly potted plants....

the two big ones on the floor were in the pots above them...a little cramped

 I didn't get anything done on my doublet this weekend. I did manage to get some more muslin while I was out. So I guess that counts for something. :) I also picked up the material I'm going to use for Forrest #2.'s a secret. I have some plans for him! I think I may pour one more of each....white and black. Then I will destroy the mold (sniff, sniff. boo-boo lip). I am certain that the two I have will make it to Etsy. But I want them to be OOAKS. Wish me luck! Harley is sitting in the corner starring at me now......I think he's ready for Etsy. I just have to sit down (find the time) and create an account and get everything set up. By the way, thank you to those of you who helped me decide between Etsy and Ebay. 

I do believe that's everything for now. 
Have a fantastic week! Hope it's creative!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

p.s. - 28 members (nobody new this time. bummer!) and 104 posts. It's creeping along. :)



  1. Oh my!The fence looks really wonderful! Rural and idyllic. And those heads are coming along nicely. I'd best go and look up these 'Beads in a Bottle'. You have me intrigued...

  2. Why Thank You Rhissanna!
    The beads in a bottle are pretty cool. Not sure how many applications I will actually use them for.....but ya never know. :)

  3. The fence looks great, Ron! I was just going on this morning to my hubby how we really need to get a fence up around the yard so when Granny dog goes out to do her thang we won't have to put her on the lead anymore. She would love to be able to roam around on her own.....

    Beads in a Bottle! Never heard of it but looks really cool.... now I'll have to check that out 'cause when I seen your little guy (he's is looking awesome by the way!) I saw a design of those beads on a dolls skin :D Hmmmmm...... thank you for the Inspiration!

  4. Thanks Summer! it's really nice to just be able to let my two out and not have to worry about them being in their own yard. :)

    Now you've done it.....i see egyptian colors...or gypsies. Hhhhhmmmmm....Henna tattoos. :)

    Forrest is coming along great...wait til you see the next post. :)