Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mid week crisis....or not.

Good Evening All!

Hope you are having a pleasant week......
Now that 'Humpday' is here (and just about gone) it can only get better. Right? I hope so! The last couple of days have been truly trying days. My resolve, my sleep pattern and my patience have all been tested. I am hoping that tomorrow will prove to be a better day, since I don't think that any of the previous can stand much more. :) Whew! That was a help. Letting it out seems to have helped some what. Thanks for listening! LOL!

Well, I was going to wait until this coming weekend for an update but I think I will share now....
Even though there's not a whole lot to share. I've managed to get a little work done on Forrest and started on the doublet (manikin) in between working on the fence. I've had to put in two posts (4 x4's) with cement and am working on the third one now. Need more materials but have been at work late due to issues with our new phone system. Came home in the dark outside work today. Blah!

I've gotten Forrest poured and pulled. Two versions. One white (cream) and one black. I have worked on cleaning them up, best I can with scissors and x-acto knives. In the process of moving from the garage to the basement room I have managed to misplace the utility box with all the attachments to my dremel. I am so irritated with myself right now.  I haven't been able to clean up all the fine lines and the edges on Forrest and it is driving me crazy! I did a 'test fit' and it's quite amusing. :) On to the photos....

the two sides of Forrest....i have plans for both of them

test fit of the black head....not too shabby!

then i slapped some fur on his head, just to get an 
idea.....LOL!!! he looks like a lil' ol' balding man.
he made me giggle!

I have been asked what I am planning for my manikin.....even been told I should sell it as 'art'. Hhhhhmmm.
But that was not the purpose for this poor thing. However, I will have to say that it is working out wonderfully for it's intended purpose.......I started to lay out the pattern for my doublet earlier this week as well......and after getting the front quarter panel done realized that I was out of muslin. Not a good thing. So now I have to make a trip to the fabric store (as well as the home improvement store). This is as far as I have managed to get with the doublet....

my manikin supporting the front quarter panel of 
my doublet. April is racing towards me at blinding speed

My daughter came home from California this past Friday. What a freaking day that was.....
As we were getting ready to go to the airport to pick her up (her flight was three hours late) we had storms hit that produced tornadoes.  So I went to the airport by myself while my wife drove into the storm to get our daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Half way to the airport my daughter texted me to say they were still sitting on the runway. I was overjoyed. yippee. Got to the airport and waited for about an hour for her plane to get in. Then had to wait almost another hour for them to finally get her luggage up the conveyor. Four planes, all late, on one carousel. What a mess! I had to take the truck (since my wife had the car) to pick her up. No sooner did we get on the highway then it started raining. With her luggage in the back of the truck. Again...yippee. Finally got home just after midnight. I was so glad to be home. All things considered it could have been a lot worse....glad it wasn't and that everyone was safe. Found out the following morning that the tornado had hit less then 10 minutes up the road from my son's house. On top of that they spotted one from the grocery store that he was working at. Again, I am glad that no one got hurt. Needless to say, it was a long night. 

Well, I guess that's all the updates.....Forrest, manikin and fowl weather. Hopefully the remainder of the week will be not so dramatic. :)

Seems I have a new member as well this week....
Welcome to Siwari. You can visit her blog here. She has really adorable animals! I am glad you stopped by!

Til next time....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

p.s. that's 103 for the posts and 28 members. Closer and closer. :)



  1. Oh poor Ron you're having a tring time .I'm always fascinated when I hear about people having tornados etc as we do'nt have them hear and it sounds so scary.Forrest looks brilliant-I'm waiting to see everything finished.

  2. I dont know whats happening with my laptop I tried to return to your posts after leaving my comment and it just keeps posting -Sorry

  3. Hey Patricia! It's ok....I took care of it. :)
    And yes, tornadoes are definately scary. I can't wait to see Forrest finished either. He and I both are getting impatient. :)

  4. Never a dull moment chez Ron! Those tornado thingys must be very scary - glad we don't have them here - I'd be having kittens if there was one anywhere around me!

  5. Nope,never a dull moment. If it's not one thing it's a hundred others. :)