Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeing Green!


Good Morning Everyone. Hope your week was great and that your weekend was even better!

Been fairly busy this past week......

Forrest is almost (tired of hearing that yet? I am) complete. All that's left for him now is the hair on his head. YAY! He's looking damn good! :) His face has been painted and sealed and epoxied to his noggin. I must say that I am THRILLED with how he is coming along.
Ok, let's see now....
I did a flat, all over color of Lemon Lime. Then I dry brushed Chromium Oxide Green. Then I dry brushed Metallic Aquamarine. From there I 'splattered' (old school - used a toothbrush) a mixture of Titan Buff and Taupe (little brown spots). And for the finale, I 'splattered' Halo Blue-Gold. I then did two coats of matte Mod Podge to seal it. He looks extremely forest-y! LOL! You can see his progression in the following photos....

Forrest's skin tone colors

Lemon Lime base coat

dry brushed Chromium Oxide Green

dry brushed Metallic Aquamarine

'splattered' mixture of Titan Buff and Taupe (hard to see)
and 'splattered' Halo Blue-Gold

Forrest - waiting on his hair   :)
 I have picked out the materials for the newest project (the giveaway). I'm doing "Wee Stuffies". I will be adding them to my Etsy (as soon as I get it going) along with Harley and Forrest. I have gotten some of the bodies for the Wee Folk done. They are looking really cute. :) I want to finish the bodies and then I will begin working on their heads. Not quite sure of how I want to accomplish the heads yet.....have a few ideas running thru my head. Lots of collisions and mash ups there. LOL! Want a peek? Awww, come on now, you know you do! :)

this one.....

and this one were the first two I put together

I liked them so much I pulled more material to make more

headless Wee Stuffies! Oh, the carnage of it all! LOL!

We had dinner with the neighbors yesterday. It was nice. Amy made stew and pulled pork, beans and chips. And bread - THAT FREAKIN' BREAD! It is so good! She brought it out all warm and toasty. They even broke out the real butter to slather on top. I ate far too much again!  This was a welcome dinner for her brother, Albert and his girlfriend, Janet. They drove in from Pennsylvania. We hung out and enjoyed the wonderful weather. A fire was made and then Sally and Amy decided to play 'quarters'. Which quickly evolved into 'pong'. I had a few Sprite and Strawberry Schnapps. Yummy! It's nice being able to enjoy ourselves and not having to worry about driving anywhere. :) My daughter and her friend even hung out for a while. Connie B came too. It was a really nice evening. 

I was reading this past week that people prefer reading black on white. So, I change the blog to be black letters on a white background. This was not easy. Being that I am a visual artist it was a hard decision to change the look of my blog. Since the beginning of my blog I have used a black background as part of 'the look' of my blog. I liked the aesthetics of the flow......but I didn't want everyone to not be able to read my, there you have it. What do think of the new white window? Does it make it easier to read? Let me know if it helped or not. 
I'm also thinking of doing a daily post (on a certain day) of a specific topic. Kind of breaking things up a little. Like doing updates of Forrest on Tuesdays or the Wee Stuffies on Saturdays. Something along those lines. Let me know what you think about this idea or if you think I should just continue to post everything in one lump sum like I've been doing. 

I am currently thinking about 'the rules' for the next giveaway. Since the last one didn't go quite the way I had it in my head. I will post them shortly so that everyone can get involved. Keep your eye out - wouldn't want anyone to miss it!  :)

I see we have a new member too! 
Hello and Welcome to Veronika! You can see her creations here. She has some really cool critters! 

Well, my friends, I do believe that's all the news that fits. Time to make a grocery list and go shopping. yippee. Can you tell how excited I am to go grocery shopping? BLAH!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

p.s. - 29 members and 105 posts. The momentum is building!




  1. I love him! His feet are so cool and the way you positioned his head in his body is perfect.... gives him lots of character :) Great Job! Excited to see what you do with the Wee Stuffies.....

  2. Thanks Summer!
    I've been getting a lot of positive feed back on Forrest.
    the photos don't do him justice.
    I'll take some 'pro' pictures when he's completed. these are from my cell phone.

    I put the head on one of the 'Wee's' last night.....too cute!

  3. He is wicked! Those feet are awesome, nicely done, love the WIP it's alway great to see the progress, and as far as the Wee Stuffie, looken foward to seeing them come to life......

  4. Thanks Darlene!
    Sorry for the delay...time just slips by so quickly.
    I was very happy with his hooves.
    The Wee Stuffies are coming along well...can't wait to get their faces on. :)