Sunday, October 14, 2012

Electric Knees Burning Bright!

Good Morning Everyone.
Well, here it is Sunday Morning again. Doesn't seem possible that another week has flown by. Getting closer and closer to HALLOWEEN! Can't wait to put up the remainder of the decorations, start a fire, get the cider good and hot and see all the kids! I love to see the looks of amazement on their faces. :)

What a week this has been....
Work Stupidity running rampant. I did manage to get some older projects off my desk - only to be replaced by the multitude of other projects. Our digital phones went out (again). Same problem as the last three times. I think the digital phones are going to be replaced with IP phones. Hopefully that will keep the problem from happening again.
My daughter fell, while running, and cracked both her knees. WOW! She bruised the hell out of them. They were black and blue - and green and that awful baby puke yellow. It was just terrible! She woke up the following day(s) and had a hard time moving them due to the stiffness and pain. She seems to be healing now...but wow, just thinking about it makes my knees hurt!
My son had problems with his electric company this past week too. They shifted their billing cycle and screwed him all up. They basically cut two weeks and he didn't realize it until they threatened to disconnect his service. But everything is situated now. :)
My neighbors are off to Pittsburgh to help Amy's Mom (her Dad recently passed away - I feel for her!) pack and take care of the mountain of paperwork. Her Mom is coming back here with them. So we'll have a new neighbor. :) What does all this mean? I've been puppy sitting! Rocky, Cotton, Newton and Min (and the bird). They've been really good - they usually are. :)  In the midst of all the packing and moving, Barry sent me a couple of photos....Halloween decorations! Think my neighbors know how obsessed I am with Halloween? LOL!!

Downtown Pittsburgh - photo by Barry

and of course HALLOWEEN! - photo by Barry

Ok, let's shift gears....
This past week my Giveaway Package made it all the way to Tennessee and to the door of Summer! She said she loved it! I'm so glad she liked it. Makes me happy when I can make some one smile! :) She posted about it on her blog and added some pics! You can read her post here.

the runner in use! *love the pumpkin!* - photo by Summer

and it's handmade packaging - photo by Summer

Did anyone see this post this past week? It's about pumpkin carving. It features Ray Villafane (of course). He has some really amazing work. Can't believe some of the time he puts into these. WOW! There are other pumpkin artist in the article too (not even close to the same level though). You should take a look if you get the chance. :) Here's a teaser.....

Ray Villafane pumpkin - MSN article

Esmarelda was chosen to be in an ETSY Treasury! I'm so excited!! YYYAAAAYYY! I was shocked and thrilled all at once. :) You can go see the Treasury listing here. You can see Amy Fine's Etsy shop here. THANKS Amy!! You made my day!!

Esmarelda - in all her glory!

On Monday, October 22nd, The Engineer Guy is having another demonstration. It's going to be Face Casting. I am hoping to go! So much can change in a week - so I have my fingers crossed. There will be pictures if I can swing it!

This past week I also came across a photo that has really given me some ideas....yes, I know, another project! HA! I can't help it - just looking at this thing makes me want to do something. You may have seen the article. They finally figured out what it was! You can read about it here.

so much inspiration!

Last night I had a fire. No, not burning down the house or anything like that....just a nice 'campfire'. I started it around 7:30 thinking my wife would be home from work and my daughter (on her way to a Halloween Party) would be there. Well, around 8:30 my wife called to say she was waiting for my daughter who was broke down on the side of the road. Yes, it's ALWAYS something. They didn't get back to the house until after nine. So none of them got to enjoy the fire. :(  The party was at my daughter's boyfriend's moms (say that three times fast). So they ran in, changed, did some makeup and ran out. My wife took them over to Perry's moms. It was a blur - I got to see my youngest for about 60 seconds. They looked good though. Zombies!

campfire getting started

Perry and Jenifer - I took this one before
they ran out the door!

and of course Sally just had to out do me! LOL
zombies on the loose!!
"hey, stay away from my decorations!"

campfire winding down - really, really HOT!!

Well, Boils and Ghouls (wink, wink), I think that's all for this post!
Have a great week and I'll see you soon!
Until then...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Oh Wait!! We have another new Friend!
go check them and out and say HI!!!

only 16 days. spooky, spooky, spooky!!!  :)


  1. Cracked knees! Ouch! Poor thing. Hope she's feeling better.

    Congrats on the Treasury. I thought that resin bangle was cool, too and I had to share the pumpkin carvings on my facebook. Loved it!

    Oh and great campfire and zombie pics :)

    1. Definately an OUCH! just looking at them makes my knees hurt! She's healing up though. :)
      Thanks! I was really shocked about being picked. It was a nice surprise!
      Share away! :)

  2. The knee thing happened to me about 10 years ago when I tripped on a rise in the sidewalk and crashed to the ground on both knees. OMG it was so painful:( I feel for your poor daughter.

    1. All I could think about when she showed me was "I'd never be able to get up". I have arthritis in both knees....that would have killed me, I'd still be sitting in the middle of the sidewalk waiting for someone to come and get me. :)

      P.S. I've passed the 'well wishes' onto my daughter!

  3. Oh my gosh Ron. OH MY GOSH! Congratulations on the treasury feature. I'll bet that feels really, really good!

    Those knees sound really painful, and I hope she's healing up ok. On the positive side, she may get a good 12 hours warning before it starts to rain. I know my hand and and feet ache before rain comes.

    Those photos are cute! What's a Zombie Apocalypse, without a few zombies. Now off that computer and go back to work, Ron. Halloween is a week away.

    1. Thank You! YES! it was a great feeling. :)

      talking to my daughter now you would never know she had banged her knees up so bad. If only we could all heal like a 20 year old. LOL

      Halloween is here!!!!! yay!!

  4. Ron I just think Esmerelda (did I spell it right)is fantastic.I was on your portrait site earlier and boy they are brilliant .Why don't you include them here on this blog ?I love portraits and I forget you do them brilliantly so go on Ron post some here !!!!!

    1. Thanks Paticia! it was a wonderful surprise to find Esmarelda on the treasury! :)

      Thank you for the fantastic comment! Unfortunately, I haven't done any new portraits....something I will be working on after the holidays. However, Huggin & Munnin is the latest painting I did. :) you can see it at this post...