Sunday, October 07, 2012

Spider Webs in the Mail!

Good Evening All!
Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend!
Been kind of hectic here...but good!

Well, as you know (or may not yet) the winner of the Table runner was Summer at Dreamspirations Gallery. The table runner was all wrapped up (gave it a few squirts of Fabreze Pumpkin Harvest-so it would smell all Halloween-y), packed and mailed out. Summer should have it some time Tuesday or Wednesday! YAY! So, I will hopefully have a picture soon from the happy winner!

I finally managed to get my lights up this past Saturday - there for a while I thought I was going to have to postpone it again. It got really dark and windy for a while, thought we were going to have rain. Fortunately, it spit a little bit and then blew over. Phew!! I was getting myself all worked up! They look good though! I had to tie down my devil ghost. The wind had him all twisted around and stuck in the trees. But he just flaps around now. My skeleton got his (her?) orange hair and I leveled out the coffin so hopefully it won't tip over again. I got everything done, my wife came home and said 'is that all you're putting out?'. I didn't notice it at the time but since I put things in the side yard this year it doesn't seem like it's as much. Normally everything is in front of the porch and because of the layout and space it just seems like more. But it's not! I have an excuse to get MORE!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks honey, appreciate you pointing that out. :)
I took a couple of pics when it first got dark so you can see the lights. I will take more later on. Probably when I set up the table and other decorations. That's when you'll be able to see the panels. I usually put that stuff out on Halloween day. So if you were waiting to see the panels you'll have to wait a little longer. :)  I still want to do a fog chiller. I have a little bit of time so it may happen. :) 

after i got the lights set up (you can see the spotlights)

just as it was getting dark the timer kicked on - the hay
bale right in the middle is where my jack-o-lanterns will go

the front of the house- the lower right side is where
i normally put up the decorations but this year they are
in the side yard - to the left of the above pic

last spring/summer my wife and daughter
had gone garage sale-ing. My wife found
me some Halloween stuff - this is one of
them. it's a removable skeleton.
Pixie didn't care, she heard the neighbor's
dogs barking. LOL!

I also got a set of tree limbs and crows...
this is the left side of my large arched window...

and this is the right side. they look so good there
i may just leave them up. they go really well with
my green 'jungle' walls. don't you think?

My wife has been on Pintrest and has found all kinds of neat little things for Halloween. Cool ideas and lots of food. I've gotten on it once or twice but have found that I just don't have the patience (right now) to wade my way through things. Maybe after Halloween is over I will try again. I saw on MSN the other day an article about / from Disney Parks. Some pretty cool ideas! They used fake pumpkins and lite brites (feel old now?) to decorate them. Here's the link if you want to look. The candy corn cones were neat too!! Then while I was looking for something else (story of my life) I came across a really awesome (did anyone else just hear Lionel Richie's voice?) tutorial on making a spider web. Check it out, it's worth the time....maybe next year. :) I like the music too!
I came across a picture that I really liked too. It's a pumpkin man but I have no idea what movie he came from. Does anyone (Miss B??) know what movie he's from? I would really love to make this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

any idea who this is??

Well, I do believe that's all for now. I hope your upcoming week is a great one!
til next time....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Not Long Now!!


  1. Wow...your yard is looking good. I love it when people decorate their yard at Halloween.

    Is the picture Dorothy and the scarecrow from some version of the Wizard of Oz????? That's what it reminds me of...sorta:)

  2. Yes the character is called Jack Pumpkinhead.

  3. Return to Oz! It's not a musical and it's actually scary! (the damaged patients in the cellar? The frightening Steampunk machine the doctor uses? The lady with the stolen heads of pretty girls? I think the Wheelers are easily as disturbing as the flying monkeys) Jack is an endearing character and the clockwork soldier is something I've wanted to copy for years.

    Your decorations are as splendid as we'd hoped they'd be, Ron. And yes, the crows with the speckled walls look really good together. I'd keep them!

  4. Thanks Ladies! OZ never crossed my mind until you pointed it out! I really want to try 'dragon skin' and 'hard foam' - I think this might be the project just for that!
    thanks again for the help!
    and all the wonderful feedback on the yard!

  5. Your yard is looking great and I love your house! Very nice :)

    btw I have pics for ya on my latest post :D