Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Evil Queen is Fenced in with all The Ghoulies!

Good Evening All!
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Here it is Sunday night already....back to work. Yippee. This weekend seems to have flown by. Amazing how that happens isn't it?

Oh, let's see, where should we begin.....?

Let's start with a reminder.....
DON'T FORGET THE 125 POSTS GIVEAWAY! If this weekend was any indication, the drawing will be upon us before you know it! Go check it out, get involved! Hope to see you there! Click on the pic below to go to the page..........

This past week I watched Snow White and The Huntsman. I really liked this movie. The costumes (especially Charlize's) were amazing! I really liked the troll too! And the White Stag, wow! However, I do have to say that I don't get all the commotion about Kristen. There just doesn't seem to be any facial expressions in her acting (something I noticed in Twilight - yes, I watched it). Fortunately, she didn't seem to have a whole lot of speaking parts. Anyway, there were several instances in the movie that have spawned inspiration for various projects! Yay! I'll keep you posted on the progress of those!

love the crown! and the chains!

In case you missed it, I have added more to my Etsy Shop. You can check those out by going to the widget in the upper right hand corner of my blog! If you've been reading my blog, you might recognize one of the new pieces! She was screaming to be here she is! LOL! Also, Harley and Forrest are back on the block.

I did manage to get some work done this weekend. This past week I brought some old pallets home from work, with the help of Scott, to use on one of my Halloween projects. I saw a tutorial on this and for the life of me, I can't remember where, when I do I'll post it. Anyway, it is an old dilapidated fence made from pallet parts. So Tuesday I brought them home and took them apart. The tutorial used a crowbar...I took my small sledge hammer to them and separated them into piles.  And then they had to wait until Saturday. I then had to remove the nails, most of them came out by 'reverse hammering' them.  Of course there were about 8 boards that the nails wouldn't come out of - cheap, cheap nails. I wound up using my saws all - after my neighbor reminded me it had a 'metal' blade. I'm glad Barry came over to put his two cents in! After that I pulled out the table saw and clipped the corners (so it looked 'fence-y'). I then laid them out and screwed them in place. Everything was looking good! At this point I had to stop - I discovered that being sick and taking blood pressure medication while 'playing' in the sun, well, NOT a good idea! Coughing and hacking and all the pretty little stars......just take my word for it, it is not something I want to repeat! After a while (about 4 hours) I went back outside to continue working on my fence. At this point it needed to be 'aged'. So I broke out the butane torch! I really like the effect this gives to wood. Believe it or not, it took about 2 hours to do this. It didn't seem like that long but it was getting dark when I finished up. With the exception of putting the braces on the back, so that it will stand up, they are completed! Not too shabby for a days work! I'll show you the pictures and let you decide for yourself.......

2 of the 4 waiting to be torn apart...

the small cross boards being removed -
by sledge! great anger management. :)

pile of cross boards. waiting to be de-nailed and clipped

same nails and dog eared

laid out for spacing, waiting to be screwed
in place

the two panels ready for aging

part way through the aging process. see the water spot?
yeah, i set the one in the middle on fire..Oops!
the right side has been aged, the left is still waiting...
just so you can see the difference

panels aged and waiting for the braces to be completed.
and yes, at this point i am only doing two panels. maybe
a couple more next year, we'll see how it goes  :)

A friend of my neighbors, Barry and Amy, who lives on the next street over had a yard sale on Saturday. Barry tried to text me to tell me she had Halloween stuff but my phone was dead. :(   Shelia said I could come over today and check out what she had left! Nothing like a private yard sale!! She had a lot of stuff. Things that I wouldn't normally buy and things that just wouldn't go with my decor. However, you know I didn't leave empty handed! I found a few things that I really liked and could use! And I only spent 12 whole dollars! I think I did pretty damn good!

4 pumpkin candle lights, a pumpkin window light with
suction cup, two brand new complete sets of towels with
pot holders, 4 brand new place mats and a new set of lights
not too bad for $12

I made a trip into Douglasville too. I went to see if the 'mega' Halloween stores were open yet. Well, Spirit Halloween was open. Kid in a candy store!!! They had some really cool displays set up right when you walked in the door. And as long as you didn't get close they looked great! I was thinking 'man, I could get in some trouble in here'....then I got close enough to realize they were cardboard. And up close they looked like cardboard. Total bummer! Cool concepts though, so who knows, they may make an appearance - only constructed better! So I wandered around for a bit...they had some decent stuff but most (85%) of the store was costumes. I don't buy costumes. No need when I can make my own. :)  I did find a couple of things that I got. Nothing major...a couple of masks and a timer for my fog machine. 
I then went across the street to Halloween city....they don't open until 9/18. Tuesday? What is that all about? They have a roll of 'wallpaper' that I want. So I guess I'll have to wait until they open. I'm going to incorporate it into my Halloween panels. I just don't want to pay for shipping if I don't have to! Frugal? No, just cheap! LOL

this is the first thing you see through the door.
i like the barn idea...

opposite side of above

further back in the store

this is the mask i wanted for The Traveler @ DragonCon
i think these will be 'floaters'. just need some material now

I just found out yesterday that The Engineer Guy (rubber, silicone, casting plastic, etc.) is having some special guest come in to their shop to give tips on using things for Halloween. Guess who their first guest is??
Give Up? It's Roy!! From Face Off (and Netherworld). He's going to be teaching how do Halloween makeup! I can't wait, it's next Monday. I'll have to go straight from work but I'm sure it will be worth the trip!

Well, that's about all for this past week.......
Wait a minute, I just looked at my blog stats......all these views for the giveaway page and I have not one entry. What gives? Do you all want to see a grown man cry? Cause that's what will happen. I will pout and cry and kick my feet and have a temper tantrum.
Is that what you want? Hhhhhhmmmmm?
No? Well get to it then!
Make some noise! I know you're out there I can see you!
Quit peeking and just dive in! LOL!! 
Hope to see you all soon!

til next time....
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

44 days to Halloween!! only 15 days to the Giveaway!



  1. I posted, on my doll blog. Thank you so much for coming over and saying hello!

    This Halloween picture? Is the blogger supposed to bein the photo? Because I've got nothing. I've got pictures of me in costume, but not during Halloween.

    I suppose I could cheat and post those....

    1. Thank you for taking the time to play! it's always so much more fun when friends come out to swing and play on the slide with you. :)
      Just a Hallween pic....but yours, not a 'webbie'.

  2. Oh, and. I love the fence, I can't wait to see your Halloween decorations, please pass on the make-up tips and thank you for the review on Snow White Hunts a Man (lols...) I love re-worked fairy tales and I wanted to see this, I was juts worried that they'd cast a wooden spoon as Snow White. Charlize looks pretty magnificent, though, so yes, I'll see it.

    1. Only a couple more weeks and i can start putting all the goodies! can't wait!
      Actually, i think your title works better - wink ;)

  3. Ron... the fence is perfect! Ah, the finish makes it... Daryle

  4. Thanks Daryle! I had fun making it. Now I just have to get the panels the next week. :)

  5. You are tempting me to drag home more "stuff" and wood from the discard (free) pile in the lumberyard parking lot.

    1. That's what friends are talk you into things you normally wouldn't do! :)

  6. Great Job on the fencing! It's looking really good :) And I see you did go to Spirit of Halloween. Fun, fun!

    1. Thank You! I hope to have it completed this weekend....since next weekend I will start decorating. YAY! I've been to Spirit twice already....sure to make at least one more trip. :)