Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scary Time is Almost Here! Last call for Giveaway!

Good Sunday Morning To You All!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Do You Know What Today Is?
Do You?
It's the day before OCTOBER!!
The month of ghosts and ghouls, bats and cats, goblins and witches with big black hats!
Dark spooky critters of all shapes and size, it's time to be scary - don't you realize?

I'm excited - can you tell? LOL!
It's also the day before the Giveaway. So join up if you haven't! If you have - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I really appreciate the support! Here's the link, one last time.....

Thought I'd do a quick update (and remind everyone of the giveaway) on what's shaping up. Got a good bit of things dolls or painting this time around...but spookies and critters! I got some of the outside decorations started. I decided at the last minute that I didn't want the little Halloween ghoulies trying to maneuver around the graveyard and various props so I moved the fence and used it more like a back drop instead of an entrance. I got my skeletons out and in the process of setting them up lost one of the pins in his knee...somewhere in the grass. We all looked but couldn't find it anywhere. :(  I guess I will have to fabricate one, can't have him legless! I got a few more bales of hay for around the fence too. Mr. Hubert at Wal Mart was so funny to watch getting the bales. When he opened the trailer it was full - all the way to the top. He went and got a rake to pull them down. He hooked the strings and then pulled.....and then ran down the stairs as the bale was falling. It was so funny. I was a little worried that he was going to get hit in the head with one of them though. I'm thankful he didn't!
Part way through setting up my wife came home with our grand daughter. She was right there on top of me in a flash. Sally kept trying to get her to go inside.....nope, no doing! She had to stay outside and help Pappy. :)   She was extremely helpful in telling me which ones to put out. She didn't want to touch them but was very insistent on where they went. It was cute......made me miss my daughter's help! Now my daughter wasn't 'skeered' at that age....she'd drag the props all over the yard! Had a good time doing it though, I guess that's all that truly matters.
I also decided that I wanted a couple of  'floaters' for the yard this year. However, I was NOT paying $30, $40 or $50 dollars for a piece of wire with gauze wrapped around it. Ssssooooooooo, I made my own. I got the 'devil' completed and he will be hung today (assuming it's not pouring by then). I also got my Scare-Me-Crows arms re-wrapped with more wire and his new green burlap tatters! And I added some cardboard to his hat so it would stay always wants to flop over. He's all ready to be spooky!
I hope to have everything up today (again, hoping it doesn't rain). I didn't get any of the lights up yesterday so that will all have to be done today as well. It's time for the 'slow traffic at my house'....people were already starting to slow down and look while I was setting up yesterday. It's funny how many adults want to see what I'm doing. :)  Anyway, here's a couple of photos until I get it all done and ready to be lit up! Enjoy!

the yard so far......

Scare-Me-Crow - ready to do his thing

the beginning of a floater....styro foam head (an old one i had around),
 wire, batting and a little hot glue

all put together....cheesecloth and some
'spooky' fabric

here's the completed piece with his
face attached.

Got a new member too! YAY!
some really cool miniature work

That's all for now....more pics to come!
Come join the giveaway!
I will be doing the drawing tomorrow - Monday, Oct 1st - sometime around 6pm.
So check back tomorrow night to see who's name was picked. Until then......

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

31 one days away from the Best Night of the Year!  :)


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Take that stuff down ,, im afraid to go out onto my front porch...aooww....

    1. Thanks Anonymous.....
      what's the matter neighbor? Forget your login? LOL!
      Wait til I get the lights up, then you won't have to be afraid of the dark - wait, maybe then you will have to be. :)