Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zombies in the Duct Work!

Good Evening Everyone!
Hope you're having a great week!
So far this week has been pretty darn good!

Just got off the phone with a company that my wife and I are dealing with to help us start our own business. It was a very productive telephone session! I'll post on that in the future as things become more focused and I know more. Hopefully this will all come into being in the next few months! **fingers crossed**

Ok, let's start with....
the Giveaway (big surprise, right?).
Am I doing something wrong? Am I not friendly enough? Am I boring? Am I...........?
I've been looking at the 'numbers' and can see a lot of people on the giveaway page, however, I have two people playing. Two? Really? :( 
Did the Halloween angle scare people off? This is not how I saw it in my mind. LOL!
Anyway, enough with the negative. It is now Wednesday and there is only four days left till I draw a name for the table runner. So....don't you wanna play? If so, now is the time to do it! Here's the link (you know, just in case it slipped your mind).....

This past weekend I got the fence completed. YAY! My daughter's boyfriend came out to help me with the fence and panels. They were both here for the weekend. It was nice to have help. Which was really weird cause I'm not used to having help. I'm a loner. Ha! Anyway, Perry helped me take nails out of the remaining wood and then putting them together. He then helped me skin the second panel - which was a BIG help as the wind decided it was going to be unreasonable and blow things all over the place. We even managed to get it done and only put one small rip in it. It was in the back corner, so it won't be seen. Then we hinged them together. They look pretty good even if I do say so myself (somebody has to, right?).
And....I took no pictures of these two panels together. I was too busy trying to get it inside before the wind ripped it to shreads. Take my word for it, they look good. It's the 'bat' material on two panels, one on top of the other.
I also got the other two, which will be on each side of the red panels, finished. They look pretty good too. Not sure I'm 100% about them yet though. But I think once I get them all together they'll be great. I did get some photos of them though....

the completed fence. i will be adding a few more hay bales
to help stabilize the fence and have a place to put some
pumpkins and my skeletons. once i add everything and
some lights this should be amazing!

this is where they started....

this is where they are now. i had to have the
stool....that's what happens when you're short :)

a close up of the skeleton

a close up of the ghosts
not thrilled with the wood showing through
but i think it will 'disapear' in the dark.
at least i hope it will

I promised to post the link to the decorative letters and the drawing in my header as soon as I found it again...well, I found it. The decorative lettering is here and the drawing, by Harry Clarke, is here. 

My wife brought me a surprise on Monday. I know she's not a 'Halloween' person but she does keep an eye out for things that she thinks I would like. And I do....

coupons for the haunted house that is right down the road
from me. this is in an old bar that isn't anymore

On Monday I went to The Engineer Guy to see 'a class' given by none other than Roy Wooley. Roy is from Face Off and works at Netherworld. He was doing a demonstration on Zombie makeup. On the way  I picked up my daughter. I'm glad she came with me. She said she had a good time and learned a few things. Anyway, as I left work, I noticed this spot on my hood. I thought at first it was bird goo, but then it moved. Yes, it was a large spider. Big enough for me to see clearly from the cab of my truck. This little bugger hung on all the way to my daughter's house. It was warm out and I had the window open. All I could think all the way there was 'this thing is going to fly into my lap and I'm gonna crash my truck'. That was the longest 20 minute ride I've ever taken. I had to chase him off my truck when I got to my daughters. And he wasn't scared. He raised himself up and prepared to fight. I resisted the urge to squish him and just scooped him off the hood.
Then my daughter fed me spaghetti before we left. Yummy, yummy! We met up with Jan at the Engineer Guy and went into the classroom. It was a fairly small room. There was probably a dozen people or so. Not overcrowded but full. Roy is the most down to earth 'celebrity' that I've ever met (not that I've met many). Everyone kept trying to get him to spill the secret of who won Face Off. He's been fighting questions since June. I don't know that I could keep that secret for that long. :)
Right after he got started I realized that my phone battery was dead. CRAP! Fortunately, Jenifer and Jan both took pictures! Thank goodness, I'd have been really mad if I left with no pictures. Roy explained how to use cotton and Skin Tite to create a Zombie. Some really good tips! And then he explained all about alcohol based makeup. I've never used it before but now I think I might.
After the class I wandered around The Engineer Guy and looked at all the things I wanted but couldn't afford.....silicone, rubber, plastics, makeup....etc, etc, etc. I did however find some material that I got so that I could play with it. It's called Fosshape. It looks and feels like felt but hardens when heat is applied. I have so many ideas for this stuff. I talked for a while with the owner and he told me all about Fosshape and it's counter part, Wonderflex. Which is something I want to try later on. I also spoke with one of the class attendees who have used Wonderflex.Wow! This guy made two dragon heads out of the Wonderflex. It's a thin 'plastic sheet' that is heat reactive. Some really amazing work! There was also a couple from one of the area haunted houses.
My daughter got Roy to take a picture with her and then another one cause she didn't like how she looked. Being 20 is just so terrible. LOL! And he signed the back of one of my business cards for her. It turned out to be a pretty good night! I'm really glad that I got to go. Here's a few photos from the class.....

Roy giving tips on using a syringe to dispense the
Skin Tite - so you get equal amounts in small batches

a layer of Skin Tite and cotton applied

a few layers of Skin Tite over the cotton
to build it up

applying makeup to Skin Tite
Roy added layers of color with makeup brushes....

and airbrush

preparing the alcohol based makeup

the end product. this was all in about an hour.
this guy is interning with Roy

Roy and me, grinning like an idiot!
my free loading, hood surfing spider

Today my daughter sent me a text with Dryer Duct Pumpkins! She found them on Pintrest, so I don't have a link but I think the picture is pretty self explanatory. I thought they were really cool. I may try to squeeze one or two in before Halloween! :)

simply idea - looks great!

That's all for this episode!
til next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!

Four days to the Giveaway. Four days to decorating!!


  1. The fence looks amazing along with your paint jobs :)

    I don't know why people don't want to take a few minutes outta their time and make a post for the giveaway. Who doesn't wanna win cool, free stuff??? I had the same thing happen when I did my Dark Fairy giveaway.... think maybe I had 11 people enter and they didn't even have to make a post about it. Just follow my blog.

    And Lucky you getting to meet Roy and attending a special FX class! Such Fun!

  2. Wow! That's some spider hood ornament you have there, Ron. Was it really that colour?

    Thank you so much for the Harry Clarke links! I love his pictures. I didn't know about the alphabet at all.

    The SFX class looked really cool. Is there a Zombie Walk where you are? I'm looking at the Fossshape now. What amazing stuff!

    I'll put another poke on the doll blog about the giveaway.

    1. Yes, he was really that color - the picture wasn't changed at all. He was about the size of a dime. And he stood at an angle, like he was about to jump at any moment.
      I'm sure there is a zombie walk around here somewhere....I've never been to one. Maybe they'll have one for Halloween? I'll have to go and look now. :)
      I have high hopes for the Fosshape...I think it will do some amazing things!
      Thank you so much for putting the post out there again...I really appreciate it.

  3. Thank You! I just got some 'faux' barbed wire last night to top of the fence. :) It's almost time to put everything out!
    Can't wait!!
    That makes me feel a little better Summer. I thought maybe no one liked me anymore :( LOL!

  4. love the ghosts on the panels I wish I had some!! and wow the Zombie makeup Im drooling...omgosh I want to fix up the family! That is so cool I would be grinning too!

    1. Thanks LuLu!!
      The panels were great fun...can't wait to put them together. And the class with Roy was a blast - I want to makeup everyone too!!