Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coffin...part 2

Hey All!
Hope your weekend was great!

Just an update on my coffin....
I have gotten it put together, burnished and stained. :)
It looks good, even if I say so myself. LOL
It took longer than I thought it would....It was still only about 8 hours or so. My helper wasn't there to help me, so it was an all alone 8 hours. I'm thinking about putting some markings on the top (double headed eagle or a vampire insignia) and I still have to add handles. Not sure if I'm going to use metal handles or rope handles. I guess that's going to depend on what I do with the inside. I haven't decided whether I want to burnish it or if I'm going to put material inside. What do you think? Share your opinions with me, please.  :)
Here's the link to the 'coffin directions' that I used. That being said, I had to make some minor adjustments as things did not fit together the way the directions indicated. But I am still thrilled with the outcome.

This is the top & bottom construction.

Believe it or not...this was NOT done on purpose.
it was getting dark and I tried to get a photo and it gave me 4 for some unknown reason.

construction completed.

This is how the burnishing turned out on the side. Not too shabby...
it was done with a small butane torch. It aged it nicely.

And here it is with the varnish. I used polyurethane and tinted it with some of the
'Oxblood' leather dye I had. I think it looks great. Can't wait to see it with the blue flood lights on
it. It should look 'dark' (red and blue = purple). Got my fingers crossed.

Looks like next weekend (Sunday??) is when we will begin setting up everything. My daughter is going to help me. Unfortunately she will be flying back to California on October 1st  :(
So we have to decorate a week earlier. My neighbors already think I'm crazy...this will just add to it  :)  I had my gutter guy put hooks across the roof line the last time he was up I just have to figure out how to get lights up there. Think if I stand on the ground and fling them they will just fall into place? LOL! Me neither...but hey, it can't hurt to try. :)  That will definately get photos...hopefully with nothing broken (limbs and decorations).
I've decided that after the season is over that I'm going to set up the coffin in the backyard to 'weather' until next year. That ought to push my neighbors over the edge. ;)
My wife has been telling everyone that I'm building a coffin to bury her in the backyard....hhhmmmm. And my daughter has been telling her friends that I'm building one for the 'naughty' little boys she knows. One of which replied with "that's not funny". I have no doubt what so ever that my daughter laughed (loudly and sinisterly). And then they wonder why people think I'm psychotic.?.? Who? me? never!

I guess that's all for now.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend....I'm going out to enjoy the bonfire my wife and daughter are making ~ smores!! yay!! even though I'm not supposed to have them. One won't hurt too much, right??


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