Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday nights all right...

Hey Eveyone!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Saturday was a busy day. Had a blast too!
Got up and went to the Villa Rica Parade. We've been going for a while now...this years parade was 75% churchs. It's not a big deal for the most part...but theres this one group that is just annoying and down right ridiculous. They preach and scream at you (megaphones) from the top of their church bus. Yes, they stand on the top of the bus and preach. Even the hard core church goers roll their eyes. And what is with the puppets? Quite a few of the churchs were using puppets. I guess to lure the kids. It was just kinda creepy. You can tell the economy has really hit hard....usually they throw candy out by the hand fulls...this year it was a piece or two at a time. Just goes to show things are tough all over. Anyway, here's some pics from the parade....
The Shriners started the parade (always do)

the clown that scared our friend's grand daughter
it was hilarious. the look on her face was priceless.

the local high school band

the red hat society

sons of the confederates

big pink tractor (fuzzy stering wheel and all)

this was the end of the parade ~ literally. they stopped
right in front of us and dropped a load. WOW. it
smelled so bad.

After the parade we came home (after rescueing our friend. she ran out of gas) and started getting things ready for our 'picnic'. We got together with our neighbors, Barry and Amy. They have a smoker and we did a turkey. OMG! It was delicious. There was turkey, mashed potatos, sweet potatos, corn, greenbean casorole, stuffing (smoked in the bird and oven baked), cucumber salad (Shirley and Dennis always do a great job with this) and of course, cranberrie sauce. I ate entirely too much. And for desert Connie made carmel pie. It was good...not really into carmel but this was delicious. Far too sweet for me, I only had a few bites and couldn't eat any more. We were so stuffed afterwards...everyone sat around and moanded (ya know its good if no one can move afterwards).

Smoked Turkey ~ YUMMY!

When everything was cleaned up and put away we got ready to go to the 'Battle of the Bands' in downtown Villa Rica. Lots and lots of people. I forgot they were having the street faire too. Oh well, there's always next year. There were three bands performing....the first one was Come Down Denver. It was a 'younger' group. They were pretty good...except for that god awful screaming that they think is music. The second band was Drew Miller and Spirit Road. I really liked the music these guys played (even got a CD). But they were really weird to watch. The lead (Drew) looked like he was having a drug induced fit. They were good though, really tight, sounded great. Then there was The Josh Adams Band. These guys were good too. Really polished. They've obviously had some practice (bars and such, I would assume). The 'winners' of the Battle of the Bands was Come Down Denver. However, this was from blantant cheating. It was $1 a vote. They ran around after their performance selling CD's and then stuffing the money into the jug. I'm really surprised that the people putting on the show allowed it, since they were all aware of what was going on. I'm sure it had to due with the fact that half the money went to the venue. Oh well, guess that's what you get when you bring teenagers into it.

Come Down Denver

Drew Miller & Spirit Road

The Josh Adams Band (bad pic, I know)

After every thing was done and we got home....Amy asked if we wanted to come and eat some more. My stomach was like 'NO WAY!!'

Well, that was my Saturday. Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Talk to ya soon.

p.s. Only 49 Days!!

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