Friday, November 25, 2011

GHDP ~ the votes are in....

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was nice and quiet on the home front this year. No big get together, no hoopla, just me and Sally. I made turkey and dutch yellow potatoes (tiny little things), stuffing, corn and carrots. Didn't make any dessert, which is a good thing...I was waaayyy too full to even contemplate more. :)

Well, here it is Friday night. And I must say that this has been a long, frustrating, disappointing week. I know I don't have a lot of 'followers' right now, so I posted my 'Please Vote' on Facebook as well. The response was in "there wasn't much". I posted the vote several times and my friend / neighbor even posted it on her page. I guess I must be doing something wrong...maybe I'm not entertaining enough? I don't know but the tally was 14 votes. People I thought would vote didn't. Even after I reminded them to do so.
'So what?' you say? My sentiment exactly. Not sure whether I should be mad or hurt. :(  
Either way, I am really (really, really) begining to question the whole 'socail network' thing. Maybe it's because Facebook makes it so difficult to actually see the things you want to see but the crap (picking my nose and watching a movie now) comes through right to the top of FB's 'important' list. Ok, I feel better now (a little tiny bit, anyway).....

The Votes Have Been Tallied (not that it took all that long).......
DRUM ROLL PLEASE (arattatattat, arattattat, arattattat).......
The winner of an all expense paid trip to Tasmania is.................Number Two! YAY! YIPPEE! HURRAY!!
The little guy is all dressed up in a pumpkin / fall handmade bow. He has solid orange, orange and black plaid with just a touch of orange and black swirl material. He has a hand painted traditional Jack-o-lantern face complete with orange and black glitter to really bring out his smile! I think it was his 'traditional' good looks that won him the contest. He will be packed up and shipped out to Tasmania shortly. It's all up this little guy to start the Halloween tradition in Tasmania now (at least at one house). Wish him luck on his journey across the seas.
Number Two Wins (second from the left would be #2 - LOL HA)

Now, I would like to take the time to say Thank You Very Much to all of those of you took the time to look at my page and give me your opinion ~ to those of you who didn't vote ~ shame on you. Maybe next time you will vote (won't hold my breath).
And to show my appreciation....I am going to draw a name (from the fourteen people) for a special gift.

all the names in a little box (and I mean LITTLE-LOL)

ANOTHER DRUM ROLL PLEASE (arattatattat, arattattat, arattattat)...........
The winner is.........      

Tonya Caldwell. Congratulations! I will be contacting you soon to get your winnings in the mail.

"What was the gift you ask"? Well, let me tell you.......I have been revamping some of my old patterns. One of which is my G-Doll (Goddess Doll). I have been very pleased with the way that the new pattern has turned out. So that is what the 'raffle' was for..... I am please to announce the arrival of the new G-Doll...

She is made from coffee stained muslin. She has a big heart and a hand strung
glass bead necklace. She is adorned with white swirls with leaves and yellow flowers
and has clear glitter swirls running the other side (all on the 'front'). She has button eyes
and red 'freaked out' hair. May she bring you all the joy of the world each time you look
at her.  :)

Now that that is done....I just have to get them in the mail. :) Possibly Monday or Tuesday? Oh wait, I still need a shipping address from Mz. Susie. Hhhhhmmmmmm.....Maybe Wednesday or Thursday? LOL!!

I have also been working on a revamped pattern to make a doll with a 'round' head. The first one I've attempted. I will post some pics of how it is coming along soon.

Once again I would like to Thank All Of You who took the time to help me make a decision of which GHDP was going to Tasmania. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

til next time....



  1. Yippee! I'm lucky today..........Thank you Ron - I promise to give Number Two (is that his real name?) a good home. Might have to do some Halloweeny decorating in October next year so that he feels right at home.

  2. I will leave the naming up to you. After you get him you will have to pick a suitable name. :)
    I'm so glad you like him! :)