Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In The Mail....

Hello Everyone! Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!

The check Gift is in the mail!

Oh my Lord! I think my heart rate has finally come back down to normal.....Let me back up some....
Last night I got Susie's 'Pumpkin Man' (have to wait for her to get him and give him a name) and Tonya's
G-Doll wrapped and packed. Tonya's went into a padded (room - like I need. LOL) envelope. I figured that would be safe since it was a local delivery. Especially after I wrote "Do Not Bend" and "Please Hand Process" all over the envelope. That package was not a concern....I knew right from the begining that it would go by Pony Express (US Mail for those of you who don't know that expression). Now the other one, the one going to the other side of the planet....well, that one was a bit un-nerving....at least in my head. I got a box from Fed Ex. No problem, right? Wrong. After I packed the box, carefully sealed it up and made sure it was ready for travel I realized that the box actually said FED EX EXPRESS ONLY. Panic....for a few minutes. Then I thought "We can try it that way and see.....can't be that much more, right?" HA HA HA HA!
So this morning I went to work with my box and asked a friend / co-worker to help me. I have used the Fed Ex machine but never for out-of-the-country shipments. So she came down to the mail room and helped me process the package. We entered the information cautiously and correctly...at least I think we did. It's a differnet postal set up in Tasmania but everything seemed to be ok. Worked through the box weight, width, and height. Decided on the 'value' of the contents.....and pushed the calculation button.
OMG!!! my jaw hit the floor. I must have stood there looking stupid for a solid five minutes before my mouth could utter the words that were going through my brain....."Oh, Hell No!!" 
A few minutes later..."Are you sure we did this right?....That can't possibly be right".
So then I hear from my co-worker "Well, let's try it this way". You could have cut the silence in the room with a knife.
"Uummmmm, that's worse than the first one".
"Well, let's go back to the first one and see if it's the same......"
"Really?.....I can't believe it costs that much"
So, needless to say, Pumpkin Man is NOT going to Tasmania by Fed Ex.
"How much, you ask?"
Well, for a fairly small box, which weighed right at a pound it was........$107. Yes, you heard that right, $107.
So I have been freaking out all day thinking "how I am going to get this to Susie in Tasmania? I will make a trip to the post office. I have to go there anyway to mail out Tonya's G-Doll. I mean, I've already had a stroke...the post office can only kill me, right?
Got out of work and flew to the post office. Got there with 15 minutes to spare. Whew! Stood in line, waited my turn. The woman behind the counter was an extremely kind, helpful and pleasant person. Once again, I was standing there with my mouth hanging open. After I regained my composure I explained to her my situation and she said "let's see what we can do". I handed her Tonya's package first. She weighed it and placed the postage stamp on it. And set it aside.."This one can stay right here with me...I will walk it over to the annex, since it clearly says 'Hand Process' (a huge grin on her face). I then handed her the box to Tasmania. She put it on the scale and said politely..."They wanted how much"? Again I repeated those numbers. "107 dollars".
"Well, we can do two day for $44". My eyes glazed over..."Wow, that was still more than I thought".
"Or, we can do 3-5 days for $33". Better, but still little green dollar signs were burning into my head.
Then she said with an incredibly big smile..."We can do regular post, which means that delivery depends on location.....for $14". Sigh of relief. By this time the other two postal tellers and the customers were all looking at me, so I just smiled at them and said "let's do it that way".
Then she hands me the international papers to fill out. Guess where my glasses were....I'll give you a hint: they were Not with me. Have you ever tried filling out paperwork (tiny little letters and spaces) at arms length? I have....it doesn't work. So this sweet lady took them back from me and filled them out. Never once being rude, obnoxious or condesending....I really hope she's there the next time I have to go into the post office.
So, I'm thinking the envelope will be to Tonya like Thursday and the post (al) lady says "Oh no, it will be there tomorrow, I'm going to take this over personally when we close up". All I could do was smile and say thank you!
So, Miss Tonya, you will have your package tomorrow. :)
Miss Susie, you will have your package shortly. I figure a week probably, so keep an eye out. *I know you are teaching / vacationing....I am hoping it will arrive when you return. Hopefully a pleasant surprise upon your return home. :)

Have a wonderful night!

p.s. I am working out again. Yesterday and today....sore in places I really don't want to explain  :)


  1. I totally understand! I just had to ship a doll to Australia but in order to insure her she had to be shipped Priority mail. The box was 15.1 oz and the cost along with insurance was $34.00 So after that and $7.00 paypal fees I lost out on what I should have received for her but then again she sold at the best of times because I was able to get my hubby's Christmas taken care of. So anyway! Shipping fees are ridiculous!

  2. Yes Ma'am they are! They are simply outragous. I swear I could have flown it over myself cheaper.....hhhhhmmmmmm, maybe next time. I've never been to Australia. :)