Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Seems so empty...

My porch, My steps, My yard.......Are Freaking Empty. It seems so strange not having all my little critters spread out all over the place. They are all put away....longing for next year. :(
My Scare-me-crows (Mr. Frosty and Pumpkin Head) and my lil' trick or treater are 'stored' in my studio...they are all staring at me...seeming to say "what did we do wrong?"....."why can't we be in the yard for all the kids to see?"
No more lights or garland or wicked smiling pumpkins. The tombstones are all stacked against the back wall. The little metal table pumpkins no longer shine. The ghostly tableclothes are all folded and packed. Oh, how I miss Halloween....already. I think we should leave the decorations up all year. Adding to them, one piece at a time...throughout the year. Yeah, right. You wouldn't be able to walk through my yard. The neighbors would all be pointing and whispering behind my back...."there's that crazy old man". Wait....they do that now. HaHaHa!! In case you haven't figured it out already.....I CAN'T WAIT TIL NEXT OCTOBER!  :}

Well, at the very least I picked up some goodies for next year. Went to Garden Ridge and Halloween City for their 50% mark off. I didn't get much...Halloween City had a lot of costumes and not much decorations. The decorations they did have were 'bottom of the barrel'. Garden Ridge wasn't much better. Most of what they had was the cheap yard signs. Most of which wouldn't make it through one year. I did manage to get a mask (nice one too), a set of pumpkin lights (for my daughter, she only has a few lights so far), a black and orange boa (which is already wrapped around my lil' trick or treater), a couple of skull and bone bracelets (for the scare-me-crows), a Halloween music CD and black lighted twig sidewalk markers (which I think will get used with one of my critters). All in all, not a bad collection - it's a start anyway.  :P

all my new goodies

I also realized that this was the first year that I did not carve a pumpkin. I guess the ones I was trying to grow really goofed me up when they didn't grow. I will grow pumpkins for next Halloween, one way or another. Maybe I'll go visit some of the farmers around here and get some tips.

The celluclay was dry enough (a week later) for me to try and remove them from my molds. I learned a very valuable lesson......DON'T EVER USE CELLUCLAY WITH PLASTER MOLDS. Even if you follow directions and use a mold release. Because what you wind up with is a horrific mess. Hopefully I can soak my molds for a bit and get the remainder of the celluclay out of them. Can you say 'Pissed Off'? I had to leave them where they were and walk away. I so hope my molds aren't ruined.
this is my skull mold

this is the mess you get.....

when you use this in a plaster mold ~ AAARRRGGGHHHH!

these are two older dolls with latex faces from my molds

Wish me luck on cleaning up the paperclay mess! Keep your fingers crossed that I can remove this goop without tearing up my molds.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Have a great night. Hopefully my next post will have some positive advancements with the dollies.


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  1. So sorry for the mess and hope everything turns out okay... yeah the best thing to do IS walk away and cool down so you don't end up slinging it across the room! lol
    I like the half off goodies you found. Especially the mask :) Took my stuff down on Tuesday but still have to pack them up. Debating on whether to keep the fall leaves and lights up around the porch 'til Thanksgiving