Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Sunday Afternoon to Everyone!

    Well, Now that the 'winner' has been chosen and the pumpkin man is ready, all I have to do is get them in the mail. I hope to have that accomplished tomorrow. It worked out very well, I posted here and on Facebook friday night and wouldn't ya know it....Miss Susie was online! Yay! We talked (typed) for a few and now I have an address to ship Pumpkin Man to Tasmania with. Hurray! I have also heard from Tonya and I have her address to ship out her G-Doll. I'm so excited....I can't wait for them to see them.

Yesterday I was inspired by some of the leaves that have been falling in the backyard. So I decided to dye some material to reseamble the colors in the leaves. Came out wonderfully (at least until it was dry). I can never seem to get the colors I want after the dye has dried. I am always happy with the 'wet' colors. But, all in all, it still looks pretty good. I have a couple of dolls in mind for this material. Here are some pictures, see for yourself.....
these are a few of the inspirational leaves :)

i strung some twine at an angle so the dye would 'run'

and the other side

it's more of a 'rose' now instead of a red

Not too bad....? I followed the directions, rinsed in cold water, washed in warm and dried......You know, I just realized what the problem is. All the darker colors (dark red / black) seem to have washed out. All that's left is the yellow and mid tone red. Hhhhhmmmmmm. I guess that's what I get for following directions. Next time I'll know better.

And I have been working on the 'round' headed doll too. Wanna see? Keep in mind that this is the first one I've don't laugh (too much, anyway). The one on the left is actually the first. Kinda sad, I know. But....the one on the right is soooooo much better. Trial and error. There's a lot of information on the internet, but very little 'mathmatical equations'. I was so sure the first one would come out round. More of a mushroom than a ball. Live and learn, I guess.  :)

first (not so round) and second attempts

Let's see....what else?....
Oh yeah, Friday night my daughter came home from California. I missed her a lot. I'm glad she's home. And on Saturday night we took my mother-in-law to the bus station. She should be almost home to Michigan by now. They both had enough in their suitcases for at least a dozen people. The airport was relatively empty on friday. But the bus station was freaking packed. Spent last night rearranging rooms again, so my daughter could have her room back. Man, I am getting far too old to be lugging dressers and beds and nightstands up and down two flights of stairs. :)  And just think, on Tuesday I get to move a sofa and two living room chairs downstairs so we can put up Christmas decorations. Yippee! I'm thrilled (can you tell?).

I think once I get the 'round' head down pat, I want to do a 'green man'. I want to use paperclay and give him antelers and maybe use some silk leaves too. I think I may have to break out the dye again. I don't have a green that I like.......
I'll let you know about that one when the time comes.

I guess that's all for now.....Enjoy the rest of your (holiday) weekend for tomorrow it's back to work.


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