Sunday, May 31, 2015

Falling Lilies!

Good Day All!
Hope everyone has had a productive week. I see some of my friends have been really busy this past week making some amazing pieces! JEALOUS!!

Just a short update...not a great amount of work done on "Fallen". I did manage to get the highlights on the clouds, which makes a big difference in their appearance. I have as of yet to start on the skin - I am trying to single out the color scheme I want to use. I have far to many ideas running through my head at the moment. Hopefully in the next day or so I can begin to work in the shadows of the skin and go from there. Wish me luck!!
really hard to see the cloud detail...
I will have to take this outside to get 
a better shot

a close up...

Saturday I noticed a bright spot of yellow in my garden where my roses are. Wasn't sure what it was. When I went to look, I discovered a yellow lily. Which is really odd, since I don't remember putting any lilies in this spot. It is exactly where my daughter and I saw a plant growing last weekend that neither one of us recognized. I will say that it is very attractive. It also has a few more blooms coming up as well. :)
wow...fuzzy shot :(
this is behind my roses

That's all for today - short post, but at least I'm keeping my weekly schedule! Hurray!!

Have a great week!
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!


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