Sunday, May 17, 2015

...And Now For A Different Perspective

Good Day All!
Did you have a productive week?
Me? Not as much as I would have liked. But I did manage to get some things accomplished.

The work on the oil painting continues...
I have all my oil paints collected and ready to go now - I had to pick up a few that I didn't have on hand. And I have had a HUGE block in my brain! It's been so long since I've used oils that I'm a little anxious and hesitant to get started. I know once I begin it will be fine. It's just that first stroke of paint against the canvas that is holding me back.
As I was contemplating the color palette, I realized that I did not like the blue for the background. So I went back in and changed it. Much happier now! I used various combinations of Brilliant Ultramarine, Morning Blue and Crimson.
And the title has come to mind - Either 'Falling' or 'Earthbound'. What do you think??

the new background - much better!
and the true orientation of the painting.

Short post this week. More to come!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!!