Sunday, May 10, 2015

On Wings Of White and Skies Of Blue...

Good Day All!
Doesn't seem possible that another week has slipped by.
Hope yours was a good one! Mine was good, busy but good.

I began the 'Angel' (just a working title) painting - among a few false starts...
light bulbs blowing out, printer not working and a whole lot of "I'm not 100% sure of those colors".
Well, all of those obstacles have been hurdled. YAY! And I actually put brush - and pencil and sealant - to canvas.
I opted to use acrylic for the base color. One, it dries faster and Two, it will give me a tone to work off of. So on to the beginning...

penciled sketch - layout in place
the canvas is 24 x 30 horizontal on heavy gallery wrap

colored wash

close up of the color -
comprised of Chromium Oxide Green,
Morning Blue and a touch of
Metallic Aquamarine -
watered down heavily

AND... I think I have finally figured out how to stay on top of my postings (at least it sounds good in my head). I am going to write them as I work, instead of trying to do them all in one sitting. Hopefully if I break it down into 10-15 minute intervals instead of a 2-3 hour ordeal, I can get my weekly posting completed and not feel bad for missing a posting. Wish me luck!

For my oldest grand daughters birthday we went to Noah's Ark. It's an animal rescue sanctuary. It was a very sunny, warm day. The trip from the house was about an hour and a half. Of course when you throw in the road construction and the fools who can't drive, it was much closer to two hours. We stopped for lunch on the way at the "Dwarf House". It's a Chik-fil-A. Not sure of the story behind the name. I know there was photos on the walls of the original Dwarf House. Something I will have to look up. They have field parking at Noah's Ark. And there were many more people there than I thought there would be. We saw tigers, lions, bears, cougars, wolves, baboons, monkeys, a variety of birds and emus (emis?). And a big black pig! 

Kennedy and Shaylor 
at the Dwarf House

Kennedy and Shaylor in one of the
concrete shelters - of course Shaylor
spotted a huge bug, the size of her hand!

one of the tigers

and one of the bears

some of the emus and the big black pig - 
sprawled in the mud - this animal was HUGE

and the girls looking at everything.
I'm not certain who was leading who :)

I think that will be all for this weeks post. Still diligently working on the painting - more photos to come. I hope your upcoming week is great!

til next time...
Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!



  1. Looking forward to following progress on that painting!

  2. Me too, Susie, me too! ;)