Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wet Memorial Paint

Good Day All!
And that you are remembering all those people who got us to where we are now.
Thanks Dad, I miss you terribly! And I appreciate all that you did.

"Fallen" is shaping up nicely. Finally put the brush to the canvas. It was a little daunting but that went wayward after the first few strokes. Thank goodness!! I began laying in the clouds - they have to dry somewhat before I can continue. So, I started the wings while I was waiting. About half way through the wings I realized why it's been so long since I've used oils - I am not a patient person! I have managed to put my fingers in wet paint several times. :) For the clouds I used mostly Titanium White with just a touch of Phthalo Blue. The wings were a mixture of Titanium White, Phthalo Blue and a bit of Permanent Alizarin Crimson in various mixtures.
Anyway... on to the progress photos.

laying in the basic shape of the clouds -
spread thin to allow some of the background
to come through

close up - really thin

start of the wings

further along with the wings

Continued working the clouds. Used Titanium White and a tiny bit of Cadmium Orange Hue. Brushing the color on and feathering it out to create the whispy edges...

second layer - feathered out

more paint - feathered, leaving highlights
and background showing to create 
the depth

That's all for now...have a fantastic week!

Be Good, Be Safe, Be Happy!


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