Sunday, December 04, 2011

She liked it, she really liked it. :)

Hi All! Hope you're having a great Sunday!

What a week this has been....
Run here, run there. trying to get everything finished....crazy at work.
As you know, I got the dolls in the mail this past Tuesday. Now I was thinking, based on what I was told at the post office, that Tonya would receive hers on Wednesday....NOT. She got it on Friday. Why? I have no earthly idea. It took three days for a local delivery - and I mean local, like 2 miles from the post office. So of course I was thinking that Tonya got it and hated it. So I was kinda bummed about it for three days - Thanks a lot post office people. Like I don't have enough unneeded stress in my life. LOL!!
At any rate....I got home Friday and checked my email....Much to my surprise was an email from Tonya, YAY!! She liked it! I was so happy. :) Nice ending to a hectic day.
This is what she had to say........
"Got my doll cute...i love it. Thank you so much. Ill keep it forever i love things like that. Very unique."
I thought how great! Got myself worked up for nothing. I guess I (we all) do that on a regular basis...worry for no good reason. 
And then on Saturday I was checking emails (again) and I was just blown away. Tonya had sent me another message.......
"My 18 year old niece fell in love with the doll and begged me until i gave it to her..she was so happy!"
I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear this. Not one, but two people really like my G-Doll. It made my day. Saturday was a good day. LOL.

We also started putting out the Christmas (Holiday, HAHAHA) decorations on Saturday. Got the village and nutcrackers put up. Had to stop for a wife decided this would be the perfect time to rip everything apart and clean (dust and rearrange). So I went outside and started putting up the lights. Got most of them done. I needed an extra plug for my blow-ups.

Sally's (not so) tiny village.
this is two tables..a 60" and a 48"

and my small Army of Nutcrackers - did you find Frank?

And then today we finished....I pulled out our tree, which is a 6 and 1/2 foot white pine. It wasn't white when I opened the box. For some reason it had 'yellowed'. And only in spots, which was even worse. :(
Off to WalMart we went. I had no intention of purchasing a new tree this year. Guess someone else had other plans. We got a green Colorado spruce, pre-lit of course. Fortunately it wasn't rediculously priced. Guess what else I saw? They had a 4 foot pre-lit tree....BLACK!! Sally was rolling her eyes before the words even came out of my mouth.....HALLOWEEN! So, after Christmas is over, if it's still there (marked down of course) it's mine! Then I'll have to buy / make some ornaments for it. Then we came home and got back to decorating. The tree is up, the lights and blow-ups are out too! Pretty good day.

the new tree in the front presents yet, Sally's wrapping now

Welcome to my home.

left side of the yard....

right side of the yard. You'll just have to piece it together in your head  :)

That's it....This is a fraction of the decorations that I have. I told Sally that next year we would have to take out all of the furniture in the living room. I had to take a loveseat and a chair to the basement this time. And I think I will have to draw up a plan for the outside lights next year so I can get them all up. I think I'm going to put in some electrical outlets throughout the yard to make things a little simpler. Putting them up is one thing, trying to get them all plugged in is quite another. Especially since you can't plug the old sets (some of my Mom's) into the new sets.....that really sucks. And I guess I'm going to have to invest in an even bigger ladder so I can reach the roof line. I have hooks up there, I just can't reach them. :(   Oh well, there's always next year!

I've gotten back to working out again. YAY! It's at that odd stage again....I can 'feel' the difference but it's not 'showing' yet. Hopefully soon it will start showing outward. Just gotta keep plugging along.

thanks for listening....
YAY! I have another 'follower'! Hi Kimbooly! She's from over at Boo Spooky! You should go look, I like her blog!

p.s. Have a Freaking Fantastic Week!


  1. That worked up thing over nothing...ugh I do it all of the I guess that is our insecurity just screaming at us....glad it was just the way it was supposed to be!!! Love Colleen

  2. I seen the "small" village in person and it is freakin awesome. I tried to get Sally to buy more houses today but she said she had enough. There house is so happy and bright. Now they have blow up figures out there. My husband said what kind of car is that in there driveway. O went and looked. It was a huge blow up ornament.

  3. Colleen ~ Thank you very much! I am so glad to know I am not the only one who does that. I am a firm believer that things 'work' the way they are supposed to...but it doesn't stop me from getting uptight. :P

  4. Amy ~ I have only one thing to say ~ ONLY Barry, ONLY Barry. HA!