Thursday, December 29, 2011

52 hours and a-countin'...

Hey All!
Happy Thursday!

Well, here we are about 52 hours away from a new year...a new beginning...a fresh start...ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.
It doesn't quite seem possible that another year has gone by. Where did it go? I think I missed it. :)
Any exciting plans? Me?
Well, we've been invited to dinner at our neighbors (Amy & Barry) and then we're gonna go down to the Mill for Mainstreet's Gold Nugget drop....
According to the weather (so far) it's gonna be in the mid 40's. Bbbrrrrrrr! It ought to be interesting to say the least. They (Mainstreet) are selling chairs - around tables, for the night. The math doesn't make sense to me but  what the hey. They want $10 a chair, minimum of 4. However, there are six to a table. What are they gonna do with the other two? I guess they must be hoping that people will get six just to reserve the table? I wish them luck...I won't be sitting there all day. I'm sure they're gonna have entertainment (as long as it's NOT Elvis. HA!) but I haven't had the chance to check and see. Maybe when I'm done here.
Let me be the first to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be Great!! I'm sure I won't post again until after the 1st. So I'm getting it in now. :)

Now on to the updates.....
I have been diligently working on Harley. And he is coming along wonderfully. He now has his harlequin squares, his wings and as of last night, his face paint. Not his face, just his face paint. Confused yet? LOL!
Here's some pictures to clear up the confusion....I'm going with the harlequin / mime image that is in my head....
Harley's face paint

He's looking pretty good so far. His face is in my I just have to get it out. He has been cooperating though, so I'm hoping it's not going to be too difficult. :)

And in the middle of trying to get Harley completed...well, Forrest just would not let me be. Yes, that's his name and yes, he has been a royal pain in the arse. I had to stop working on Harley long enough to get Forrest's pattern designed. Now you're thinking that would be enough until Harley was done, right? Wrong. The design turned into cutting out the material. And the cutting out the material turned into sewing him up. And sewing him up turned into stuffing him. As of this writing, he is sitting on my table waiting for his head to be attached....that's it, that's all that's left (besides sculpting his face and hooves). And the lil' bugger is still taunting me. He has been the most impatient little critter I have done to date. Harley has been extremely patient. But he is getting antsy now. Maybe if I show you his progress he'll let me be long enough to get Harley done.....
Forrest all cut out and waiting for the sewing machine...

Forrest, waiting for his head. Harley quietly waiting his turn
Forrest...headed(?) Just sitting on top, not sewn
I had to sit his head back on the table. he was more impatient
with it sitting on his shoulders. :)

That's where I am at the present moment. As you can see, I have my hands full. I have a feeling that Forrest is well on his way to becoming a mischieveous little wood spirit. Harley and Forrest will be my first two completed dollies of 2012. YAY! I'm thinking Etsy (or maybe Ebay). What do you think? Any advice on either would be greatly appreciated. Seriously, I would like to hear what you all have to say about either or both. 

Oh yeah...I forgot to show you what I found when I went to the grocery store for last Friday's get together...
i was looking for Egg Nog...and found PUMPKIN EGG NOG
It was Yummmmmmmmy! :)

I've also been online looking at patterns for April (RenFest) and for September (DragonCon). I've got so many ideas running through my head. I have to make a decision by the end of January...or I will never be able to get anything accomplished. I know that sounds like a long time away, but if this past year was any indication, it will be on me before I know it. Wish me luck, I'll need it in order to focus on my projects. :)

That's all the news that fits.

Be good, Be safe!

And before I forget (or they disappear) I want to say hello to McNally School and to Enchanted Legacy! Thanks for looking. McNally has some really cute dolls. I don't see a site (blog) for Enchanted Legacy. :( 
Anyway, Welcome!!
And anyone else who is on my member's list that I haven't mentioned, let me know....I am still having issues seeing everyone. I swear each time I log in the numbers change - up, down, up, down. I don't want anyone to think I've missed them because my member list is acting up.

bye all!!


  1. We'll be boating down the Mersey River on New Year's Eve on inflatable canoes from a friend's house to a wonderful barbecue spot in the bush.
    It's supposed to be sunny and around 27 C (that's about 80 F I think). We'll be eating barbecued sea-run trout, potato salad, home-made focaccia and pavlova with fresh raspberries from the garden and lashings of cream. I might even swim in the river. I'll try and remember to take some pics. I LOVE New Years' celebrations - I relax much more than at Christmas, which can be a bit stress-inducing for the host (me)!

    All the best to you and yours in 2012, Ron - I'm glad I happened upon you in 2011!

    PS Not too sure about pumpkin eggnog - I'll have to take your word for it.

  2. Oh! PS.......I'm loving the new "kids". Can't wait to see them done! And also, I like Etsy much more than Ebay - had lots of sales on Etsy and I like that it is limited to mostly hand-made stuff so you already have a filtered clientele. It's also less expensive to sell on Etsy than Ebay.