Saturday, December 17, 2011

Postal Constipation

Holy Cow,
I can't believe it's been 11 days since I posted. Where did that time go? Doesn't seem possible.
I hope everyone is doing well. And that the Holidays have been good to you.

Well, I've been online with USPS trying to track my GHDP package.....with no luck. I entered the number and all I get is...."delivered to our distribution center".....on November 29. Hhhhmmmmmm. It has said that since November 30th. I checked again this morning, just in case something actually changed. NOPE. Same message.
So begins my day......
Got dressed, drove to the Post Office. WOW! If I had managed to forget how close Christmas was....this just blew it out of the water. The parking lot was full and people were backed into the street. Waited my turn, dealing with the rude and inconsiderate drivers. Finally got a parking to the door. I couldn't believe the amount of people in this small post office. There must have been 50 or 60 people in line. Twenty minutes before closing. Again, dealing with the rude and inconsiderate, they must have followed me inside. I was polite and let people through, to get to the postage machines. Not that any of them responded with a 'thank you' or an   'excuse me'. Just push and shove. My Mother would have lost her mind.
Then a man appeared (my bet would be the manager) and started working his way through the line...stamps, helping people with large boxes, asking questions in an attempt to speed up the line.
Yay! my turn...
"I was curious to see if you could come up with more information than I could"
He took my ticket and my receipt. Looked them over thoroughly and then gave me a look like I was the dumbest person he had ever met.
"Did you get a return receipt?"
'No, I was........'
"Well, you should have gotten one. They should have told you that you needed one to track this package...
after all, it is international".
'I was told by the woman who took care of my package that all I needed was this tracking number'.
"Well she was wrong. This is just an international package number, not a tracking number"
'So I have no way of telling where this package is?'
"Not without a tracking number..."
'So this number is useless? I mean, you numbered the package and the ticket but it doesn't do anything?'
"This is an international number"
I think I hear an echo at this point....
I was becoming very agitated by could I tell? Because everyone in line in front of me had turned around and was staring at me like I was going to pull a pistol....I now understand the term "going postal".
I took a deep breath and said thank you and went on my way.
Got to my car and couldn't get out.....apparently the rude and inconsiderates followed me out of the building. No one, and I mean no one would let me back out of my parking space. I finally had to floor it and cut someone off in order to exit the parking lot.
So, here I am two and a half weeks later and still have no more information than "delivered to our distribution center". Gotta love the Post Office. And just think...they're going to cut their the work force by 2/3...I can hardly wait for the fallout from that.

I've been working on a few things in the last 11 days....
I am continuing to work on the 'round head' doll, which is coming along nicely. It's stuffed and ready for the head to be attached. Tried a slightly different body on this doll. A little more rounded and no extra piece in the side seams. I also did 'standard' legs on this one just to see how it would look. Not totally convinced that I like it yet. Maybe after I get the head attached it will be good. We'll see.....
No pictures of this poor guy yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I have also been making hair bows and hair clips for my daughter. She seems to like them a lot. She has had at least two of them in that I know of. And has told me she wants more. What do you think? Not too bad. LOL
this is the first group

and these are the ones she hasn't seen yet....sssshhhhh, don't tell her  :)

I have also made a new friend, thanks to blogger and their non working 'followers' icons. Her name is Patricia and she has some really cute dolls (she paints too) on her blog. She has been trying to help me with my disappearing followers...I have upgraded internet explorer. I have loaded and used google chrome. I have loaded and used firefox. I have cleared my cookies and my cache. I have, I have, I have. Still no good. I had them show up (all 12) once and then disappear. I am now seeing 9 on my blog page. I am showing 12 on my dashboard, but can only see 8 or 9 when I open it. 
Patricia has said that she can see all 12 when she visits my site, so it must be something on my end....
I don't know what else to try. If I change any more settings I may never find my way back to my blog. I updated the blogger version...not really liking the new set up. 
Thank you Patricia for all your help. I really (no, REALLY) appreciate it very much. 
Maybe someday I will be able to see everyone. 

I guess that's all for now....
time to put this long, long hectic week to bed.
Hopefully this next week will be much better. 
Only a four day work week....what can go wrong? wink, wink.

Have a fantastic night!


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  1. So..........I got this little card with the mail today to say there was a parcel waiting at the PO for me....*thinks* "Oh goodie! My paperclay has arrived at last."
    But the parcel was too big and too light to be paperclay......and it came from the US, not Melbourne!

    When I got home, I ripped into it and there was the most wonderful, orangey, pumpkinny, devilish personage with arms outstretched waiting for a BIG HUG!

    Yes......he's arrived and I adore him!

    Thank you so much, Ron.....he's the beginning of the Australian Halloween Revolution (maybe).