Monday, December 19, 2011

It's A Revolution!

Good Monday to you all!
It's been a really painful day. Some how I managed to pull something in my back/side. It hurt! Wow, did it hurt.
I wound up coming home from work early because of it. Came home, took some ibuprofen and wrapped a heating pad around the spot and crashed for 3 hours. I feel much better now. I may put some more heat on it before I go back to sleep. Just glad it doesn't hurt like it did earlier. :)

When I got up I was checking my email / FB / and blog....much to my surprise there was a post from Susie! Yay! The people at the post office must have been afraid I would come back! LOL!
She got her Pumpkin Man! I'm so excited. She seems thrilled with it as well! It sounds like he has a wonderful new home!
Now he just needs a drum so he can lead the Australian Halloween Revolution! Gonna bring Orange and Black to the great outback! Ha!! Here's what Susie had to say...

"So..........I got this little card with the mail today to say there was a parcel waiting at the PO for me....*thinks* "Oh goodie! My paperclay has arrived at last."
But the parcel was too big and too light to be paperclay......and it came from the US, not Melbourne!

When I got home, I ripped into it and there was the most wonderful, orangey, pumpkinny, devilish personage with arms outstretched waiting for a BIG HUG!

Yes......he's arrived and I adore him!

Thank you so much, Ron.....he's the beginning of the Australian Halloween Revolution (maybe)."

Now I just have to wait for Susie to give him a name....I am sure she will come up with something wonderful to suit him. :)

In other news....I did some dyeing yesterday. I dyed some muslin a green. It will be used for the next round head doll. I believe it's going to be a faun, like Pan. I want to use paperclay for the face and hooves. Here's a peak so far....
a wonderful green...muslin on the left. t-shirt on the right

Isn't that a great shade of green? I think it will work great for a forest creature! I dyed a tee shirt as well, while I had the dye all set up. It's got a funky 'tye dye' look to it even though that was not planned. Just worked out that way. If you look at the top of the pic you can see the first dyed doll. He'll have his head attached some time in the next day or so. I think he's going to be a 'clown' or a mime, something along those lines. Wish me luck!

Well, I guess that's all for this post.
Have a great week. Talk to you soon!

So Glad Susie Likes Her Pumpkin Man!!


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  1. His name, of course, is Lord Cucurbita.....all hail his orangeness!

    He's sitting beside my computer on my desk at the moment - I'm still deciding where he needs to go. He makes me smile whenever he catches my eye.

    Funny thing is - I don't really collect dolls, but I have a small clutch of them that have been made by men.....I think I'm a MANdoll collector!

    Sorry to hear about your injury - those things can be very painful and they seem to take a while to come take it easy! And have a great Christmas!