Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Yule

First Let Me Wish You All A Very Happy (Merry) Yule!
May the coming year be filled with the fruition of all your wishes and dreams.
May they take hold and bloom wide and tall!

Now, I must say that every time I think I couldn't be more impressed with Ms. Susie, she just adds another layer. In earlier posts, you may recall that I told Susie that she would have to name the Pumpkin Man. Well, she did. And I must say that I was thoroughly blown away by the thought that went into the name. What is this name you ask? She has decided that he shall be forever known as Lord Cucurbita. Pretty cool, huh?
Well, I will not belittle any of my readers, simply because I'm sure that some of you know the meaning of the word. And I will be the first to admit that I am not one of those people. And since Halloween is my favorite time of the year, I should know this word. That being said, YES, I had to look it up. And when I read the definition I walked around for about 30 minutes with a stupid grin plastered to my face. Which I'm sure was unnerving to my coworkers. :)  Being the person I am I will post the definition so that you, my dear readers, don't have to hunt it down....after you read it, I promise you will go 'Wow, that's a perfect name for the Pumpkin Man'.

     Cucurbita is a genus in the gourd family Cucurbitaceae first cultivated in Mesoamerica and now
     used in many parts of the world. It includes species grown for their fruit and edible seeds (squashes,
     PUMPKINS and marrows, and the chilacayote), as well as some species grown only as gourds.
     These gourds come in many colors, including blue, ORANGE, yellow, red and green..................

     There is more to this definition if you would like to look it up. I do believe this gets the point across
     though. I found this definition at wikipedia.

Now isn't that a cool name? Long live Lord Cucurbita! I can just picture him ruling over all the pumpkins from his new kingdom in Tasmania. I think he needs a crown now....You can read all of Susie's comment here if you would like to see the nice things she had to say.
I am truly thrilled that he makes you smile, Susie. That is the best compliment that I could have received. And I am honored to be in your MANdoll collection (sounds like resume material to me LOL). I hope he will continue to bring a smile to your face for many years to come! And I am glad to count you as a friend!

I have managed to get the head sewn on the body of the current dollie project. I think it's coming along well. I will have to say that I have changed my mind (several times) about the outcome of his appearance. It's just one of those things. I had an idea of what I wanted him to look like and so far, well, he's just not having any of it. For those of you who make dolls, I'm sure you know what I mean. His personality is starting to show through and he is deciding what he should look like. I hope to work on him more this weekend, but with it being Christmas and all.....that may not happen. Here he is so far....
I'm seeing harlequin squares and wings.....?

I also have a project stuck in my head for some old shirts. I have three shirts that are (were) comfortable and worn (regularly) that have now become tattered. They are coming apart at the seams and have small holes. I think I'm going to use them to make a couple of dolls (rabbits, I think). If I can get the pattern out of my head and onto paper, I think these will be fabulous. Wish me luck on that one! But I've got to hold them off until I get the poor guy above finished. And then I have to work on my woodland creature. He has been haunting my thoughts consistently for the past few weeks. He's dying to get out of my head! So I guess I better get him made before he decides to crawl out of my ear. :)  LOL.

Well, I do believe that is all for now. It's off to bed. Have to get up and straighten up the house (the Mrs has to work) as we are having company over tomorrow. So I will bid you all farewell and goodnight.



  1. Hi Ron -my newest frind! -just dropping in to wish you a very Happy Christmas ,have a good one !!(showing 14 followers now!!)

  2. A-a-a-h! Lord Cucurbita had a wonderful day yesterday lording it over (in his own unique lordly way) the family gathering of sixteen or so........yes -it WAS 16! And even though his looks are very Halloweeny, he didn't look in any way uncomfortable in the Christmas setting. In fact he looked kinda pleased with himself, being the biggest dude on the scene.......... :)

    It's already Boxing Day here, but if it is still Christmas Day there - hope you are having a nice one!

  3. Thanks Patricia! I hope your Christmas was great! I'm still only seeing 11 on my end. Maybe one day I will be able to see all of you!
    And at least it was 'frind' and not 'fiend'. HaHa!!

  4. 16 Susie? wow. Better you than me. LOL
    I had 8 on Christmas day and 8 on Friday. I don't know that I could have done all of them at once. :)
    Sounds like Lord Cucurbita is settling in quite well! :)