Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bit by Bit, Little by Little

Good Day to You!
it's supposed to be sunny today....I can't wait! It was cloudy and rainy and grey yesterday, I'm ready for the sun. Besides the wind blew down my santa and my penquin last night. Pulled the stakes right out of the ground. Oh well, I'll just have to set them all back up.
Got to work on my PA's last night. Got the eyes done on three of them. Yet to start the fourth one. It was late and I didn't want to start him - cause I wouldn't stop until he was covered....maybe tonight. Here's a couple of photos...

#5 (my 'orange guy') is really starting to grow on me. I had a really strong idea of how I wanted him to look and then I came across "Young Frankenstein" yesterday on one of the oldies channels, hence his eyes.  :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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